Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Paradise Center Scandal 3 Day Blog Comment Collection

Someone Anonymous asked awhile back if it were possible to have the Paradise Center Scandal blog comments all located in on location. I could think of no easy way to do that, so I suggested that Anonymous could subscribe to "Comments" via the "Subscribe" option that shows up on the column to the right.

This afternoon I decided to see if it was easy to simply blog all the incoming comments covering the first 3 days of April. Below is the result. They go from the most recent to the least recent. I'll try and remember to do this every three days, assuming there are continuing incoming comments, and add any new ones that may come in today....

Its about time. This sounds so exciting. Hope to hear more soon. Any ideas how soon it will be a reality? It seems that it was bound to happen sooner or later. People couldn't see this great organization in need and not want to do something. Hope there's a way we can give online soon. Any news on that?

Lynn is awesome. She's even helping weakly Ellen run the whole clinic. The place is clean and white. No more white trash or ghetto gangsters to dirty up her new place. The two boys she's got doing the cleaning for free know their place. Classical music and healthy TV shows only. Food in smack bar cost more because she knows they're healthier what the consumer-run losers were allowed to offer. Can't afford pricier healthy food, don't eat, period. Ho and boohoo with Teresa and her fat brigade. AWE-some.

Word is the Paradise group had secured a facility at least ten days ago but wanted to make the MHMR bullycrats sweat about what to do with all of Paradise's properties they've stolen. Plus this cunning group was watching to see what, if anything, Wendy Davis,Lon Burnam, and Joel Burns would say and do about this glaring injustice and abuse. I can't wait to find out if these three are just your run of the mill politicians or not, taking only public positions that are politically safe and/or have big return on investment politically. I'm not too optimistic though since they are products of the so called FW Way.

Man, the level of competence, or rather incompetence, is amazing. And this the person running the day to day operations of this hundred million dollar agency? ? How embarrassing. Surely there are many more qualified people around than these three stooges., who are good for laughs but not for much else.

Many of the families who are duepaying members of Nami of Tarrant county have reported being misled by this McDermott thug and his lapdogs on the NAMI board. All the lies and deception are being exposed, thanks to your website. Tarrant chapter is a rogue group that doesn't represent the real NAMI. Not when they place their concern for money above their mission.
By Dallas co. NAMI family on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/2/11

Good thing the mhmr thugs withdrew from the discussion or else they would have said that Elizabeth's life is messed up beyond repair. What with hanging around mentally ill people, gay people, and now (gasp!!) know those dark skinned people living in COMO. What a messed up child and terrible parents. That's sarcasm, look it up illiterate Cons.

Good point Anonymous Pro re commenter "JOE"'s message. I reread his comment and now agree with you. Sorry "JOE", that's some deeply imbedded sarcasm and irony you've employed. Must have really confused the hell out of the semi-literate mhmr-bravo cons. Good point as well, Melissa. These pathetic mhmr-braco cons lie and twist facts so much, they get confused by their own lies. S-A-D. That's the best mhmr can muster? No wonder the little group of paradise leaders are kicking their tails at almost every turn. I feel embarassed for them..and I contract WITH mhmr!! Cannot wait until the current goon and his clowns get kicked out so me and other contractors can work with educated and ethical professionals for a change.

We hear that one particular NAMI Board member is behind this dastardly scandal. She's awefully close to Jim McDermott and has been acting as his voice, eyes, and ears. She spies and sabotages against the Paradise group FOR her chum McDermott. Wonder what these two have going on to explain such behavior?? Many of us haven't said much but that doesn't we're blind.
By Nami member on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/2/11

Hey MHMR bravo con, your dumb a***comments are humorous and make little sense. What "organization "? ? Do you even know what the word means or the concept behind the word?
By Melissa on The Paradise Center MHMR-Gate Scandal Comments on 4/1/11

Lynn Currant is totally awesome.she's running a smooth and quiet drop in center with and for all the RIGHT KIND OF MENTAL PATIENTS. Everything top class, no trash---furniture and humans. She'll be taking Susanna's job S-O-O-O-N. she'S awesome.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Protest on Video with Bullying... on 4/1/11

Whoa there. A $118,000.00 accounting error? It must be a typo. I gotta see if the Minutes have been posted online because if factual that's a major problem. Not just an "error". Who's doing their books? Some high school kid or something? Seems like the incompetent CEO oughta take a pay cut and hire real accountants. While they're at it, MHMR-TC should hire a real lawyer instead of taking advice from some pro binoculars bozo that will surely cost the agency a pretty bundle. I guess this Carvan Adkins is a pro bono. If not, they've been robbed by another sleazy incompetent lawyer. Again. That dude is not a security guard. HE'S A BODY GUARD AND AN INTIMIDATOR. I've heard that McDermott guy's a wussy...but resorting to this tactic just moved him into a MAJOR WUSSYCRAT, thanks to whoever coined the term. This little sissy is more a Wussycrat more than a Bullycrat.
By McWussycrat on Cancel Your Plans to Attend Tonight's Meeting of t... on 4/1/11

So did the McDermott bullycrats force JR, Joel Burns, and Fairness Fort Worth back into the closet, politically, so yo speak???? The bigots and thugs in this small minded town just DID IT AGAIN & IT'S WON'T GET BETTER FOR PARADISE AND PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS. The Fort. Worth Way strikes AGAIN.
By Anonymous on URGENT: Please Help Find Fort Worth's Paradise Cen... on 4/1/11

From reading everything, and NOT just on this blog and other blogs, I have a strong feeling that this brazen coup on the Paradise Center is like the tip of a puss that has been growing in its infection .....and now is ready to POP!! MHMR-TC under Jim McDermott might have grown and thrived on terms of power, numbers, and influence. These outwardly impressive things belie an internal corruption that very enriched the little emperor and his harem but off the backs of taxpayers, countless professional and ethical employees, and cruelly off the vulnerable people that he and his cronies are entrusted to serve and protect...from abuses and exploitations --in this case being perpetrated. BY the little man and his fellow bullycrats and enablers like the Trustees, County Commissioners, and even advocacy groups like N.A.M.I. & MHA.
By concerned taxpayer on Cancel Your Plans to Attend Tonight's Meeting of t... on 4/1/11


Saginaw Sugar said...

I'm not anybody. I just read Durango's blog and started reading this site. But guess what?? During all this, my niece started getting packets from Bravo in the mail. My sister's daughter lives in far north tarrant county. She is on a housing plan called ShelterPlus. Its for mentally ill people and is part of government subsidised housing. Anywya, what I didn't know is that she has an MHMR caseworker and goes to the Northwest clinic. See, I was just reading and then found out I had a connection. anywya, she is not on the Bravo plan. But her caseworker told her that if she don't sign up for Bravo, she's gonna lose her ShelterPlus. See, you can't be on ShelterPlus unless you have a MHMR caseworker. So, my niece has to choose Bravo and use MHMR of she'll be homeless. She can't get on the housing list for regular hosing. Its been closed for over a year. So she'll choose Bravo even though it seems like she don't really have a choice. Does anybody out there have any information or know if there's a way around this for her? see, the problem is that her pcp doctor isn't in the Bravo plan. She has diabetes and needs to keep seeing her doctor. So now she's gonna have to find a new doctor. why didn't mhmr just accept the StarPlus plan too? It did before. Any ideas on who my sister can call?

County employee said...

McDermott the wussycrat got the county judge and commissioners to be his lapdogs, even made a fool of the FW weekly's better reporters. Commissioner Roy Brooks was bragging about how easy it was to fool that old hippie weekly writer.

Anonymous said...

Somenodu oughta check into the Bravo-mhmr business connection. It just seems real shady. MHMR caseworkers have been pressuring clients like my tenant to switch from Amerigroup to Bravo. That don't seem right to me.

smoke-n-fire said...

Somebody does need to look very, very, very closely at this mhmr+bravo partnership because it sure seems shifty and whenever a government agency gets into bed with a private business there's usually some hanky-panky going on.

Of course the lies and shenanigens by this shady ceo and his cronies reminds me of the saying about where there's smoke theres fire. I sure smell something burning, don't you??

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea to have the three day comment summary. Thanks.

The Bravo Medicaid thing does smell kind of fishy to me as well. I'm keeping my brother on Amerigroup, a pretty steady and dependable hmo. Bravo was put on a 5-month suspension by the state's Dept. of Health and Human Services until May. Fishy again.

pac-10 nami said...

Is it true that disabled people who need government subsidized housing program called Shelter Plus must be clients of selected local agencies like MHMR-TC?

Friends in your area say that is the case with those disabled by severe and chronic mental illness. That might be an issue since they report that MHMR-TC case managers have told some of their clients that if they don't switch HMOs from Amerigroup to BRAVO-MHMR they could lose their housing. That don't seem right and point to conflict of interest.

shelterplus consumer said...

One of the sleazy mhmh caseworkers even made threats to her client, a good friend of mine, for daring to join the Paradise group in th3ir non-violent protests against jim macdermot and his gang.she told him that the police could get involved and that she wasn't gonna bail him out. plus she told him he could go back to prison since he had served time for a crime he did a long time ago when he wasn't in his rite mind. yes its try that you have to be a client of mhmr or three other small agencies to get shelterplus apartment. section 8 quit taking names for their waiting list a few years ago. without shelterplus, people like me and my friends wood be homeless or cramped into those nasty group homes in the rough neighborhoods. i heard that the mean peer leader name Lynne has a nonprofit organization to provide nice group homes for mentally ill people, but after seeing how nasty shes been to teresa davis who was so kind and patience with her, i'm going no where near her. but i do feel sorda sorry for her sense mhmr is playing with her head and using her mental illness to make her use her meanest against good and decent people like teresa and even lynne's own peers who are members of paradise. she must really need money and not doing well with her mental illness because she used to hate mhmr and jim macdurmot where teresa had to talk to her about being appropriate and respecting even people she couldn't stand, like people who smoke, are overwait or too loud (everybody know what color they are). something should be done to make mhmr do the right thing for there clients. oh yea, n.a.m.i. was very kind to the consumers when linda groom and mr. and mrs. cates were in charge. consumer's quit n.a.m.i. when the new people kept us separate from them like wear not good enough for them or something. i wish n.a.m.i. would go back too supporting mental ill people again too.