Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Words From The Watchful Clinic Case Manager About Paradise People Etcetera

Watchful Clinic Case Manager made a very good comment about Paradise People that I thought would be good to post as its own blogging.

But, before I do that, I saw this morning that the Blogger program put 3 of your comments into the "spam" folder. When I saw that, I hit the publish button. I will try and remember to check the "spam" folder whenever I log into the Google account.

And now the comment about Paradise People....

Watchful clinic case manager has left a new comment on your post "Paradise Center Press Release for Immediate Distribution":

I got a good view of the move on Monday. There was a stark contrast between the Paradise people and the bureaucrats. While one is acting like a real nonprofit consumer-run group who was working as a team with pride of ownership doing their best to help remove their possession from the new building that's supposedly a medical storage facility.

Then there's the bureaucrats who acted like typical unmotivated and uninvested people killing time standing around chitchatting waiting until they can leave work. There's D.who uses an oxygen breather moving plants that he's known for tending in memory of Paradise members who had passed on to a better place while two high salaried staff from Hulen tower sat there and watched him struggle. Ellen and Tony and Sandy shared gossip and jokes as two female Paradise leaders with obvious health problems did their best to help.

It was painful, yet inspiring to watch. I now see why Paradise Center was so successful and efficient with their very limited resources. That group's going to make it.

Oh, and Theresa was doing her usual thing of wearing several hats and multitasking while being friendly to all around her and interrupted by phone calls regarding case manager type things she was working on to help the clients ...which many of us case managers now can appreciate so much better because now we suddenly have many issues to deal with that were previously done by Paradise Center's consumer leaders, Board members, volunteers, and Theresa. MHMR-TC really screwed up in many different ways.

You're on the right track in asking questions about the secretive relationship between MHMR-TC and Bravo and NAMI-TC.

What should focus on next is the secrets behind how the building that's now overflowing clients from three different clinics was taken away from the consumers shortly after it was built. It was designed and p r e s e n t e d to voters as a community center for consumers that were members of Paradise Center. I believe that just like the JPS scandal from 4-5 years ago, reducing access to services and facilities for the intended recipients to make executives look good to the Trustees, who then reward them with fat salaries and bonuses, is what's driving all these unethical, if not illegal activities.

Speaking of which, I hope Theresa's lawyers clean their clocks for deliberately making clients and staff think she had done something horrible or even criminal. This finally clicked for me when my wise parents said if she was guilty of anything she'd be hiding or hightailing it out of town.

Instead it's the MHMR-TC leadership who's been hiding and trying to smear her as person--not a word about professional conduct...or misconduct. Not a word.


clinic staff said...

I saw some of the moving as well. I cannot believe MHMR-TC and its leadership were just going to take this group's properties. The attitude behind this whole this whole thing is very disturbing to me both as an employee and a citizen. I've only seen this kind of thing in mobster movies or in the news recently.

gullible mh family said...

That's an excellent point about Teresa Davis. Our family has and our MHMR-TC client family member were led to believe that Teresa had committed some major crime. It wasn't a direct allegation but guilt by insinuations. These MHMR-TC execs and their cronies are pretty deceptive. And depraved to continue going down this path of destruction ...of themselves now that the shock has subsided and the truths revealed.

Thanks for your blog and the pertinent question it raises. We hope to reconnect with Teresa and the Paradise Center leadership soon. We're still pretty ashamed of ourselves for blindly accepting the many deceptive words of people we trusted.

concerned MHMR-TC staff said...

There appears to be a pattern from MHMR-TC of twisting just a tiny part of a truth to support a major lie. Time and time again. The latest example is with the Paradise group's properties. Even after they got called out for the robbery of the group's name and possessions, they still lied that all of them were inside the small POD, knowing full well half were stored nearby and using the other properties in their new Medicaid billing facility. Employees like me are embarrassed and fed up with all the dishonesty because we are the ones having to clean IP after the mess from the big shots are exposed. But at least we're not mentally ill like all those they've stuck in the drop-in program. The leadership of MHMR-TC is playing a risky game with people's lives.

Anonymous said...

Give us a break !!! No one wanted the dumpster type items that Paradise Center was using !! Even before Paradise Items was put in the Pod, Drop In Center was already order "brand new items to replace the Old" ! It was actually necessary to purchase the items because Paradise Center had not taken care of what "junk" they had and It was overly crowded with stuff everywhere.

They cleared the stuff out as soon as they could!

Suzette said...

Actually you MHMR-TC gangsters, not very smart ones at that,need to give us citizens who pay your salaries and the new things you stupidly brag about over and over, by cutting out the immature attacks on the organization of people living with serious mental illness and your shifting version of basic facts. It's not only painful to see you continue down this dead end road, but it is downright embarrassing. We Cowtowners recognize b.s. when we see it. And you're full of it. Take your shameful act somewhere else. Hopefully far away from children, the elderly, and the disabled because you're toxic. Have you no shame or even some common decency?

TSP staff said...

How sad that an agency with over 1,400 employees is being degraded by a small group of incompetent and desperate people who have no idea how foolish their pointless ad hominem attacks and bragadocio have on the public. Especially the sad and repetitious bragging about getting new stuff and upgrades on the facility, which (a) is the misuse of limited tax dollars intended for essential mental health care services and (b) as the blogger Durango and other readers had pointed out numerous times: why just now? And just when the drop-in doohickie has lost so many of the people who used to come to Paradise Center?

In essence, that's doubling the waste of taxpayer money and only magnifying the level of incompetence and disregard for responsible use of public funds.

MHMR-TC's leadership just keeps on revealing how politically corrupt and morally bankrupt it is by doing and saying these assanine things. Maybe the proverbial inmates should have a crack at running the asylum since the PhD. and his group can't seem to do it at all.

Taxed to the Max said...

Didn't I read somewhere on this blog that Theresa was accused of being over budget and mismanaging money? If so, then those accusers should be ashamed when they look in the mirror!! All the redecorating, removing, purchaing, etc. is just another example of government waste! Are they buying any $5000 toilets? I wouldn't be surprised!

Anonymous said...

Why won't the leadership of MHMR-TC just come right out and be honest and forthright with us taxpayers?? Whether it's the CEO, the Board of Trustees, or even the other MHMR executives or the County Commissioners Court. The constant evasion and the repugnant attacks are getting pretty ridiculous, really. I'm dreading upcoming conferences because people outside Tarrant county are already making jokes about our community and it's lack of moral and political leadership.

Wayne Y. said...

The paradise center saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by providing a consistent social support system for those recovering from very serious mental illnesses. Without such a strong organization, many would be isolated and often require costly ambulance, police/law enforcement, and ER or inpatient hospital services. That's not counting those who would lose community housing and returning to being homeless.

MHMR-TC should have considered the impact on fragile lives and the social and economic costs to the community before making their foolish decisions.

One fed up clinic personnel said...

Why don't you MHMR-TC cretins just be honest. You tried to rob all the properties of the consumer organization called Paradise Center. Even after your bumbling gang got caught and called out by the rightful owners, you lied about where you were forced to store the stolen properties ....that POD couldn't hold half of the stuff so you crammed the rest in a building designed for 'confidential medical records without even telling the clinic facility management. She was p*****off and cursing you dumb a**** for putting her in a tough spot.

Of course, you kept some of their things that you dingdongs call junk and trash. And using those things every day.

Many of us are getting fed up with all the secrets and lies (Tony the two-faced and Lynn the loonybird) and the wacko religious stuff (you know who you are phony person).

We're also frustrated by all the new BRAVO crap and the overcrowded patients forced to make long trips from their neighborhoods to come into the gay bar district and now the mental health ghetto that this former community center building and apartment complex have been turned into.

The iron bar fencing surrounding this MHMR-TC MH ghetto certainly says quite a bit visually. Contrast this slum to the multimillion dollar office tower that the slimy ceo and his female entourage enjoy near the TCU area overlooking the Trinity River.

There must really be something to what we keep hearing about the bigwigs stealing this new facility from the Paradise consumer organization and channeling money to help pay for their fancy office tower. The shady dealings are just so entrenched that most just accept them as normal business in MHMR-TC. Deep cleaning is required. Really deep.

Artie said...

The thugs tried to rob and use this group's properties that were apparently just fine. Amazingly, everything turned into junk and trash as soon as these bureaucratic pirates got caught and forced to return a community center full of properties. Interesting how their perception of reality changed in response to exposure of their dirty deeds. Shameful and shameless.

Clinic staff, mom, and adult child said...

I sure hope Teresa has accounted for all her personal properties that they had dumped into packing boxes. They surely had broken or torn up some things because of the amount of time and frustration that those chiefs and the backstabber Lynn spent going through every piece of her items inside her teeny tiny office. Apparently whatever promises or lies that traitor girl told them didn't pan out because those Hulen Tower execs were jumping on her sorry butt pretty hard. THAT'S why Lynn and her MHMR bosses were so nasty in posting personal attacks against Teresa and her family. They were so counting on finding something, anything, bad to pin on Teresa to try and cover for the stupid decision to terminate Teresa ...for very bad reasons and purposes. They were scared out of their minds after they realized that Teresa and her people were going to keep on calling them out for their abusive actions...and calling "justice for Paradise!!"

Some moms should be proud of their adult children today while other moms should be ashamed of the way their kids behaved during this scandal.

Mary P. said...

I sure do wish someone with the skills or power would look into the takeover of the clinic facility that many people have made reference to all throughout this blog. I got to talking with my family today at a big get together and several people recalled that they had voted for a county bond program in the early 1990's to build a community center facility for a social organization made up of people with mental illness. They weren't sure about the name Paradise Center but they remember that it was a pretty large and expensive facility that "some said was like heaven for them".

After the evidence of a pattern of dishonesty and blatant disregard for the mentally ill, I would not be surprised if the McDermott crew did steal that facility from the consumer group. This makes even more sense after I had checked on the Tarrant Appraisal District website and was taken aback by the timing and exhorbitant cost of acquiring the rather opulent Hulen Tower at 3840 Hulen, which is way-way more extravagant than the office facility on Summit where my mother used to work in MHMR's HR department. Hmmmmmmm