Monday, October 17, 2011

Good News from the Paradise Center Gang

Until today I'd not heard from the good folks at the Paradise Center in awhile.

When I don't hear from the good folks at the Paradise Center I figure all must be good in paradise.

This morning's message confirmed my assumption.

The Paradise Center has had some exciting things happen. Not all of which I am currently at liberty to blog about.

But, I can tell you that Paradise Center has partnered with an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

But, bigger news than a new LLC partner, is the fact that Paradise Center is moving from its current location at 525 S. Henderson Street to a new, 4,000 square foot space next to Benbrook Shopping Center on Camp Bowie West.

Remodeling of the new Paradise Center space began today. Paradise Center hopes to move in to their new place on November 25. I suspect I will be making a visit to the new Paradise Center after it opens.

You can keep up with Paradise Center on Facebook. It was there I learned the Gang at Paradise Center had themselves a fine time on a long weekend retreat up in Oklahoma. Paradise Center also has a website where you can find information and have the opportunity to do a good thing by donating to the cause.