Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paradise Center Scandal Blog Comment Compilation

It is time to do a summary of Paradise Center Scandal Blog Comments from the past 3 days, give or take a few hours.
The comments start with the most recent....

I just got my monthly nami-tc newsletter and very likely due to your expose of this scandal the leadership has scheduled reps from the two Medicaid HMOs to give presentations at this months meeting, which quite a remarkable contrast from previous months when the board and other leaders were pushing Bravo Health as if it were the sole provider in our service area. Keep up the good work because some good things are already coming out of it. The works not finished yet as long as the evil doers are not held accountable for the pain and suffering they've inflicted on Ms. Davis, her family, and her Paradise Center Family.
By nami-tc family on Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Ou... at 8:44 AM

Man this thing is really like a soap opera, with betrayal, bullying,lies, treachery,manipulation, money, politics, vicious personal attacks and all. Who needs daytime soap when it's all right here.
By Anonymous on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... at 6:16 AM

About "No justice, but try...???" commenter, you are an mhmr shill still peddling the same worn out propaganda and wish: it's over, move on, blah, blah. You're just more subtle but you're still trying to prevent the truth and justice from prevailing. But prevailing they are, though. No matter how hard you wish they do not. The horses are already out of the barn, in a matter of saying.
By Anonymous on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... at 6:10 AM

This is a good idea to have the three day comment summary. Thanks. The Bravo Medicaid thing does smell kind of fishy to me as well. I'm keeping my brother on Amerigroup, a pretty steady and dependable hmo. Bravo was put on a 5-month suspension by the state's Dept. of Health and Human Services until May. Fishy again.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal 3 Day Blog Comment Col... at 6:03 AM

Thank you so much for all your kindness and consideration for people like my sister. Just a couple of quick questions: why is MHMR-TC only just doing these things now? And does this have anything to do with the recent push to get people like my sister to change from Medicaid provider Amerigroup HMO to Bravo Health? What I hear you saying now and in other comments is that these changes are strictly to help the clients and for that reason alone. If so, this is wonderful. But how is it paid for, all the spackling and painting, all the nice New furniture, cable TV, extra 3-5 full-time paid professional staff, and all the new furnishings and improvements outside, etc. Those must add up to close to half a million dollars or so. But we were told that the contract with consumer-run organization Paradise Center was due almost 100% to drastic loss in funding for the agency. I'm just a normal working stiff, but things don't add up or making sense in my average little mind. Maybe you could explain again in an easy to understand way that smart executives like you can.
By Concerned Sister on URGENT: Please Help Find Fort Worth's Paradise Cen... on 4/6/11

This chick wasn't absent so much due to her mental health issues. SHE WAS PLOTTING AND PLANNING WITH MHNMR EXECS to take down Theresa Davis AFTER the deputy CEO of Youtube fame failed in early Jan.2011 to force Theresa to agree to their lies about Paradise Center Inc. It wasn't a mental problem for her, it was a "heart" know the kind that no doctors can help with. Again, the incompetence of these mhmr execs shined through because they believed and put their trust in this woman who had worked so little and therefore knew so few of the members of paradise center and their operational system that she was the slamdunk that flopped once the coup took place. The girl knew only tidbits and even had made enemies of clients and clinic staff over her short time there to make her useless as the "replacement" for the so called personnel issue (big ass lie by the HR chief to FW Weekly and wfaa). The best this chick could offer was partial pieces of personal info about Theresa and her family, both the first and second ones, which were clumsily used to try and degrade and demoralize what some of us in mhmr-tc call the Resistance. That's the explanation for her many absences prior to the coup detat. And her hostile attitude and suspicious behavior that some consumers had noted in retrospect. She was a backstabbing witch..and still is trying now. Sad. We're glad she's being exposed for her wickedness and betrayal. The execs will toss her aside after her usefulness is over. Watch and see. These people operate this way for a very l-o-o-ong time. Too long, really.
By Hulen Tower girl on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/6/11

Something is really wrong with your city and county. We'll keep praying for you.
By Anonymous on The El Paso MHMR Scandal vs. the Fort Worth Paradi... on 4/6/11

As the de facto VOICE of advocacy FOR people with serious mental illness, please help us understand why MHMR's caseworkers have been pushing their clients to switch HMO providers from Amerigroup to Bravo?? Why now? And why Bravo over what appears to be an even better deal in staying with Amerigroup? Should the"local mental health AUTHORITY" be pushing such a one-sided choice of Medicaid Star+ providers? Is there no conflict of interest in this action?
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/6/11

Sorry, we gays get worked kinda fast. YEAH, Paradise Center...and this hunk of Washington manliness ;D p.s. we meant it @ the crappy exec. officer and the mhmr cons, though.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/6/11

i wanna know how much money in legal bill has been used in issues related to paradise center and this whole scandal. unless the mhmr lawyer works pro bono. if so, say so. if not, how much of our hard earned tax dollars have been spent on this not so sharp lawyer of theirs? that's money that could have been used to help the people that make up and lead the paradise center. damn cowards, hiding like common criminals. use your own damn money if you want to play your damn political games. people oughta storm that damn hulen tower and demand immediate answers. then the damn county judge and those damn commissioners next. damn, i'm tired..and mad as hell at these dang incompetent fools. the wife just walked in, so no colorful words. bye.
By damn old fogey on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/6/11

How about just demanding public officials act honestly, openly, and ethically. No need for any undercover work or utility of one's, ahem, physical assets and such. Is that just too much to expect?? Especially after my buddies and I had put our lives on the line in defense of the American way of life. And yes unfortunately many of my brothers and sisters in arms are homeless, many suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. I see McDermott's nonprofit 501c3 called MHMR Visions made a big thing about Liberty House in the heart of the homeless area. What I don't get is why locate the facility in such a terrible environment , you know with depressing sights and temptations to backslider? And for all the donations Visions collected, they couldn't get some inexpensive NEW bed linens for these injured heroes and instead asked for used beddings?? That deal with Visions and Liberty House is too similar to how the people with chronic and serious mental illnesses and The Paradise nonprofit was treated by MHMR and McDermott. This dude and his cronies' actions are shady at best.
By Aggie Vet on Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Ou... on 4/6/11

So, you're not volunteering to be the Erin Brockovich of FW? You could display your, uhm, assets, as she did in the movie, to find out information....or better yet. Why not sign up as an MHMR client yourself? Go undercover, sort of, like the S-T writer who plays homeless once every 5 years. I'm liking this idea, Durango! Who is with me? Durango, FW's answer to Erin Brockovich!!!
By Anonymous on Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Ou... on 4/6/11

Is it just me? ALMOST TEN STRAIGHT YEARS OF ANY KIND OF SUPERVISION OR EVEN ANNUAL PERFORMANCE EVALUATION? ? Holy smokes, SOMEONE (S) SHOULD BE FIRED and any license suspended or revoked for this GROSS MISMANAGEMENT and neglect of a VERY BASIC PRACTICE. Not Ms. Davis, who was likely denied merit pay and other benefits that come good job performance her case it seems like exceptional accomplishment, year after year after year. Forget bullycrats, these are sorry excuses for plain old bureaucratic performance. THESE PEOPLE ARE STILL DRAWING PAYCHECKS??? AFTER THIS DISCLOSURE OF THE FACTS?? UNBELIEVABLE! !!!!!!!
By The Donald on The Tangled Web of The Paradise Center Scandal: No... on 4/6/11

Anonymous, third year law, officer, member of law review. I won't continue, that'd be considered boasting. Most legal issues arose from real life experiences of the people and thus not that difficult to grasp...even for someone like you, with your inappropriate laughter and all. Remember a person can be a lawyer without attending law school or passing the bar exam. I'll let you try to figure this fact out. One fact that's not hard to figure out: MHMR needs a competent lawyer, like a year ago. No worry about passing the bar, more concerned about what level judgeship to clerk for and to move some place where the American Way is still valued and practiced.
By Wesleyan law student on The Tangled Web of The Paradise Center Scandal: No... on 4/6/11

Anonymous, what a funny and gross mental picture you've left in my mind. True that!!
By Rainbow lounger on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/6/11

This Lynne character sounds like a sociopath , maybe with borderline personality disorder that no meds' !available to treat at this time. She is very erratic, in work schedule and quality as wel/ as mental stability. You didn't know people at the main clinic building watch and talk about you?? Really. Get a clue and cut out all the BS. Rational people can see right through your facade, scab girl. We laugh at you three stoogettes bumbling around the Bravo area, especially funny when you try to find the missing money.Hilarious!!
By clinical staff on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/6/11

Nice try mhmr shill. You WISH the Paradise people (crew if description of Mcdummy and Co.) had moved along. But this has become a much bigger issue than that which affects the nonprofit victim. It is a major public interest issue that is growing in interest and consequence as each day of hiding passes by on the part of the perps and their conspirators. Keep on wishing, mhmr con.
By KNOW Justice, KNOW Peace on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... on 4/6/11

Terry Moore was recruited away from this corrupt county and has been leading the charge inside the Dallas DA's office to free wrongfully convicted prisoners. Not quite the FW Way where scientists brought up compelling flaws on evidence used to pit a father of four on death row. After political game playing with government. Slick Rick, the man was murdered earlier Burnam the state earlier this year anyway, with full approval from the county and FW public officials in the killing of a likely innocent man.
By Anonymous on Cancel Your Plans to Attend Tonight's Meeting of t... on 4/6/11

Props to the County Commissioners Court of El Paso for having the cajones to whip their crooked mhmr center back into shape. The Tarrant county counterpart has been neutered by McDermott the sissy butcher. Sad. Especially for the County Judge who seemed respectable enough to be elected President of the National ass. Of county governments. If only his peers knew how McDuhh has got him by the you know what.
By Anonymous on The El Paso MHMR Scandal vs. the Fort Worth Paradi... on 4/6/11

Oh crap, now that you're in- it -to -win- it , so to speak, Mcdummy and his cons are in deep doo-doo. Just ask JD Granger and his mommy. You go, good ol' Washington boy.
By Anonymous on Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Ou... on 4/6/11

I heard JR might send food from Randy Beez's to celebrate the grand reopening. Fingers crossed ...... BTW, the lame ass ceo and his mhmr cons can eat #$&*- and die!!!
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/6/11

Dumb mhmr slave girl is still at it. I have asked Steve to pick up certain items left at my rent houses to donate yo Paradise thrift store or larger items that the many men members could fix up with glue or screws just so they feel productive. I'm an old man so I understand very well these men's need to do something with their hands besides playing pool or table games. This crazy hag doesn't know what she's talking. But yea keep lying and making up stuff because as my parents used to say you're showing your ass when you do stupid stuff like besmirching someone's good name and reputation. Why don't you say good things about yourself besides your awesome. You gotta have one or two redeeming traits. Don't ya, mhmr con?? And learn from your mhmr masters: after they get caught lying so many times these dummies at least have enough sense to hide their cowardly asses. Word of advice, if you don't know what you're talking about then keep your trap shut instead of lying and making up stuff because you only show your ass even more.
By Anonymous on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/6/11

AMEN. AND AMEN,Durangotexas. You keep on telling the truth and shining the light on these dirty deeds by dirty a****people in the shadows. A-m-e-n, brother. I likes what I hear and see.
By justice NOW on Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Ou... on 4/6/11

Or that multi million dollar Hulen Tower where mcduffus and his gals have been reigning over this taxpayer funded government agency. The Criminal Executive Officer was barely settled in before he and his cronies moved from the humble office on Summit to this poshe high rise office fit for big banks or corporation.
By Anonymous on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/6/11

ThisLynn person on one twisted soul. Sociopath without a conscience. Not too smart either to launch personal attacks against people by name and without any regard for their health or age. Glad I don't know you and no one from my family has to be around your nasty self. No wonder you 're stick working as a lowly mhmr slave girl. You couldn't cut at a fast food place with your lack of work ethics and penchant for acting out your borderline personality disorder traits. But you should fit in fine with the sociopaths running mhmr .....into the ground! ! Sorry for you....and anyone who has to be around you.
By nami mommy on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/6/11

God and everybody who knows you already know what a two-faced (2x the homeliness! !) backstabbing and lazy excuse for a person you are. You're pathetic, more so now without the patience and support from Teresa, the person your slandering now. You must not have been raised properly to be such a sad excuse for an adult. Have you seen what YOUR wussy ceo do when face to face with Steve or Teresa? Let's just say we only get to see his backside, you know the cold stanky place you've been hiding out the past several weeks. Pathetic.
By I heard bout U on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/5/11

well look who still has a need to take sladerous shots at teresa's family, the two-faced dark hearted and lazy incompetent b**** herself ms. awesome. you keep on slandering these people and they could clean out whatever money you and your mr. olympain husband have left. off your meds or r your new mhmr masters working your lazy tail too much. no more erratic schedule, claiming your mental illness is acting up, or sneaking off to spend hours checking your ugly facebook crap on your laptop, huh? paradise didn't move out, dumb mhmr bravo tech, you helped that sissy ceo and his incumpetant gals in the coup, remmember, what ru taking now to make your brain this mushy. steve has done more for paradise as a volunteer than all the hours you collected money from taxpayers by writing down you worked, you lazy a*** psycho. that sissy a*** McDummy would be scared to face off with Steve , he was too scared of just facing off with Teresa alone, had to have his weeny lawyer and submissive gals laying in wait. you just be careful with how you talk to those african american people and visitors before your face gets slapped uglier than it is. Zurie says hi. why ru so jealous and hateful of teresa who has saved your sorry a*** many many times over? is it because you couldn't fit in with her professional friends whos's education and experience would make your mhmr girly chiefs look like the tech ur. don't worry about teresa's home (or you should for slandering her)you jest worry about the clutter in your brain and the darkness in your dark heart. you need God in your miserable life because ur in sad shape to act like such a lowlife attacking a innocent child and even a sickly woman in the hospital. not sure God can even help you at this point, your soulless ho. just take your meds and watch your back and any cash because you're working with a hard core x-con, you probably dont even know it because you never around much or think ur too good to talk to people. better keep looking for that missing money. whatever conscennts you have left is probly keeping you up at night. pray and confes your sins instead of writing your hateful and slander against people BY NAME. how stupid can you get? ur awesome all right until those mhmr criminals fire your lazy a** or you crash. UR a pathetic excuse for a human being.
By The eyes of Texas r upon YOU on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/5/11

Sissy boy will be too busy talking to defense lawyers. .if he's still got his job and freedom. That wussycrat has to even hide inside Hulen Tower, he'd have to be under the influence of something to have the guts to show his cowardly face.
By Coward catcher on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/5/11

Hey mhmr lapdog, have you not been paying attention? Whenever there's a lull from the Paradise Pros, what usually followed? Think about ....just not too hard because your tiny little brain might blow up. Like Saddam and Gaddafi, the lull is a scary time, just like it feels for you cons right now. BOOM!!!!
By F-16 bomber on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... on 4/5/11

Do you think that the CEO will be at the grand re-opening?
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/5/11

If someone is asking questions about MHMR, then they should start with asking about things like: expense packages for higher ups, traveling to conferences (why to national NAMI convention every year??), unlimited use of blackberry for personal use, just to start. Lots of resentment from the rest of employees who have to complete daily SALS (service activity logs) for every 15 minutes of our time. Do they? Of course not. Do we get cell phones? We use our own. We also use our own vehicles to make house calls. When someone starts asking questions, they should ask why the largest mh clinic in tc has no offices for the rehab case managers. We were all told that OUR VEHICLES would be our offices. We carry confidential client information, as well as clients, in our cars all day long. We can get reimbursed for fuel, but that is such a headache. We already can't get to all of our clients in one week. Some of us have to work Saturdays and evenings. Do the upper managements? Sure, at some conference in Washington, D.C. With their blackberry and per diem for food!!!
By Anonymous on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/5/11

Visions did alot to open Freedom House. But there may be something shady with that deal. Somebody might want to ask some questions about the funding, the repairs that were over-budget, and the number of people being served. Supposed to be a collaboration...
By Anonymous on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/5/11

What does a community, or even a small group of individuals, do when they believe the public trust has been violated? To whom do we appeal for an investigation? What is the next step, Durango? A month or more of this blogging and still nothing? Seems the Paradise crew are moving on. Can't blame them, really. Gotta keep moving. Waiting for FW or TC to make things right seems fruitless.
By No justice, but try for some peace,,,??? on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... on 4/5/11

Hey ElPasoans, we k ow you've been following this scandal in Cow BS Town. What do you think about getting your city's genuine newspaper to report on this stinking scandal since FW doesn't have one any more??
By Anonymous on The El Paso MHMR Scandal vs. the Fort Worth Paradi... on 4/5/11

The sissycrat and the dumb chick need to keep on running and leave because they're hurting the image and true essence of the agency. And I speak for many rank and file employees of MHMR-TC. Those worthless Trustees need to go, too. They're all disgraces. And yeah, check on how McSissy managed to get onto that multimillion dollar office tower at right about the same time the Paradise Center group got pushed out of the spacious new community center that the siisy and his crew crammed clinics and other offices in. Maybe that's how they've been able to pay for their fancy Hulen Tower.
By PO'd MHMR employee on The Paradise Center Protest on Video with Bullying... on 4/5/11

Somebody does need to look very, very, very closely at this mhmr+bravo partnership because it sure seems shifty and whenever a government agency gets into bed with a private business there's usually some hanky-panky going on. Of course the lies and shenanigens by this shady ceo and his cronies reminds me of the saying about where there's smoke theres fire. I sure smell something burning, don't you??
By smoke-n-fire on The Paradise Center Scandal 3 Day Blog Comment Col... on 4/5/11

A friend who works inside Hulen Tower has given Hard confirmation that taxpayer-funded MHMR is involved in an intimate business relationship with profit-driven HMO Bravo Health. Will scan the doc and forward it to the Paradise folks. MHMR and their stool pigeons have been caught in a MAJOR LIE. And yes, MHMR is desperately trying to manipulate their current clients to switch from Amerigroup to Bravo before the 05/01/11 reinstatement of Bravo to do business (i.e. bill Medicaid and generate profit)by the State's Dept. Of Health Services. What's wrong with this picture, folks??
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/5/11

"I read the blog...have not seen where the county comm. or mhmr board have explained the decision"= that's the whole damn point, bud. It's a major public interest story because of THIS VERY FACT---public officials with the duty to explain such a serious matter have chosen to hide and obfuscate rather than EXPLAIN the what's and why's of this scandal. How hard is that for you to understand, buddy? Maybe if the McDummy gang comes in and takes over what remains of the Startlegram and tosses your big behind out into the street then you would get it???
By Psych Prof. on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... on 4/5/11

And by the way, your handsome (and likely charming) ceo exhibits many traits of a sociopath. Effective and "successful" sociopaths hide their criminal minds behind such outward suficialities. Isn't that right, the senior citizens and gullible members of NAMI-Tarrant County? We know each other. Pretty well.
By Psych. Professor on The Paradise Center Scandal Cliff Notes on 4/5/11

Thanks for laughs MHMR con-menter at 04/05 @1:18 PM. Yes, I'm familiar with that infamous psychiatrist, as most people who even pay cursory attention to the news on a regular basis. Now, back to the education of your little mind. You obviously need to learn the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist first before we can proceed. Take as much time as your sweet little brain can handle then come back and we'll talk. Took a while but your ego damage apparently has healed enough for you to try again, even using information my 6th grade child could provide about current event. That's progress, nevertheless. I see you also wanted to "scream" in your comment, but held it in long enough. Again, progress for sociopaths or borderlines.
By Psych Prof. on The Paradise Center Scandal Cliff Notes on 4/5/11

The Star-Telegram Dud is only interested if there's free food around to stuff his face with. So this fuddy duddy's opinion matters very little regarding hard news stories, unless the "hard" part has something to do with the texture of food!! What's sad is that the editors and editorialists like Bob Ray Sanders, who writes frequently about the ongoing injustices in our community, have been shut up during this whole scandal. Give McDirtyMHMRCEO credit for having his bases covered for such a scandal like this. Of course, this bullycrat had not counted on your tenacious blogs or the courageous Paradise Center people and Theresa Davis. The Startlegram, FW Weekly, and other so called journalistic sources are looking as foolish as these crooked bullycrats. Too bad for them.
By News reader on Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the... on 4/5/11

Fort Worth should be embarrassed because the El Paso Times is kicking the lame ass Startlegram. The Times sure acted like a real newspaper while the local one acts like a small town rag running mostly fluff pieces but afraid to tackle serious public interest stories. We should be scared as well since the silenced free press is a sign of an unhealthy society. FW is a sickly town.
By sick in FW on The El Paso MHMR Scandal vs. the Fort Worth Paradi... on 4/5/11

One friend is on the MHMR Visions board and is expressing some serious questions about Jim McDermott's so called 501c3nonprofit, which appears to mostly serve PR and political purposes for the ceo. It's directly under McDermott's control, has two people working full time to solicit private donations, and is used by McDermott to control the County Judge and Commissioners Court by giving them phony honors and creating conflicting interests to shut them up. Something smells about that so called public charity of his.
By Anonymous on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/5/11

Psych Professor comments from March 23,2011 4:23pm and March 23,2011 at 4:28 pm. Does the name Major Nidal Hasan, Army Psychiatrist ring a bell to you ? He is being held in Fort Hood on 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. Let's see now and you are a Psych Professor.....You and your colleagues are no longer respected ! You are bashing people in your comments........ Yet, I wonder how many other Psycho Professors are out there !!!!! Go get tested ! We want proof that you are not a nutty professor !!
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal Cliff Notes on 4/5/11

Wesleyan law student........You need to remember you are a STUDENT and not a lawyer yet! Leave the lawsuit ideas to the "Men or Women" who are actually lawyers ! LOL Let's see if you can pass the Bar first !!
By Anonymous on The Tangled Web of The Paradise Center Scandal: No... on 4/5/11

Well, regarding what was carried in my Steve, Teresa Davis's husband. Alot of "dumpster digging items he brought in to the old Paradise Center, and he would get out tape, etc to try and use it. A few days before Paradise Center moved out, Steve was busy cleaning out Teresa's office. It looked like a "pig pen" in there! Also, alot of stuff was brought out of the back room that peers went through "claiming as their own!" One thing I noticed Teresa let her "select group" get the best out before anyone had a chance to see it. After they went through stuff it was carried out to take to someplace like Union Gospel. They were definitely organized when they moved out. Too bad Jim McDermont didn't see Teresa's office and other areas before they decided to clean. Only God knows what Teresa and Steve's home looks like. At the new Drop In Center clients are treated like Men and Women and not referred to as Disabled Adult Children as was posted on Durango blog at this beginning of this.
By Anonymous on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/5/11

Concerned Sister......Just wanted to let you know that the "sterile atmosphere" was due to having everything removed from walls, spackling, and a new coat of fresh paint. The old "Paradise Center" building maintenance was not a high priority so new management is doing alot of repairs and updates. In time, I feel your Sister will adapt. Change is necessary in day to day living. It's now been over 5 weeks since the change of management. There is laughter and people have fun still at the New Drop In Center. The new pool table is a Brunswick Professional Pool Table. And contrary to what people have previously stated it is used from opening to almost closing time. We now have a new "craft room" in the back of our building. Some women sit around and made a list of what craft projects would be fun for our group to do. New outdoor furniture has been ordered. Some benches will be where the ceiling fans are in the shaded area. Also, tables with umbrellas will be a new feature for the smoking section. The back of the building concrete will be poured for a new non smoking section. Also, with tables with umbrellas. Tony, is our new "Manager" and Lynn is his assistant. They make a good Team. Everyone is adapting. I personally feel change is good and people are learning to be self sufficent and not dependent on any one person. The activities schedule has alot of new changes on it. So hopefully, clients will not feel like they are in a rut. Please allow your to Sister to "grow" in her own person. She will "smile" again and also laugh !
By Anonymous on URGENT: Please Help Find Fort Worth's Paradise Cen... on 4/5/11

That's great news because my brother, who's an active member of Paradise Center, has been getting agitated from feeling mistreated by the new MHMR-TC and Bravo Health people completely running the so called drop in place. I wish for once these MHMR people would speak honestly and act openly instead of their trademark deception and evasion: THE NEWLY PAINTED AND FURNISHED PLACE IS A CLINIC TYPE OFFICE BRAVO HEALTH TO BILL MEDICAID FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP THERE, MOST OUT OF HABIT LIKE MY BROTHER. AT least not my brother since Paradise is now reopened. Praise the Lord!!
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home a... on 4/5/11

I smell ay least two lawsuits coming from this scandal. That's probably when the shallow media pays attention. And the time for sweeping out the garbage in MHMR.
By Wesleyan law student on The Tangled Web of The Paradise Center Scandal: No... on 4/5/11

I hope it is true. Please let us know how we can help. Pretty exciting to kick that wussycrat Mcdummy's a***. Again!!!
By MHMR employee on Is an Angel Donor Bringing a Happy New Beginning f... on 4/5/11

Where can we see footage of Stuttering Jim? You know, the big grey haired dufus in this clip. What a coward, hiding behind this dumb chick, then running off because he couldn't handle "the truth, the truth, the truth.." probably had to go change his nasty panties
By stuttering dufus watcher on The Paradise Center Protest on Video with Bullying... on 4/4/11

The MHMR Trustees are hand picked by mcduffus and are supposed to representat the Commissioners Court. I wouldn't necessarily count them as upstanding or honorable members of the community though. Some of them have questionable histories. Birds of a feather flock together.
By MHMR employee on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/4/11

NAMI of Tarrant County, your moral compass was found near the dumpster of the Rainbow Lounge. Want it back? It's pretty messed up and smells like McDuhh'$ a****.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/4/11

Congrats on the place....someone shot JR in the you know where!!! Smiles!!
By Anonymous on Is an Angel Donor Bringing a Happy New Beginning f... on 4/4/11

Not Mich chance of investigation by the state since this smart criminal managed the Legs. to pass "local control" for MHMR. As for local investigation, not when County Judge Glen Whitley and Commissioners Court are in his pocket. He's a smooth criminal, alright.
By guelma on The 2011 Paradise Center Scandal Is Not Tarrant Co... on 4/4/11

Somenodu oughta check into the Bravo-mhmr business connection. It just seems real shady. MHMR caseworkers have been pressuring clients like my tenant to switch from Amerigroup to Bravo. That don't seem right to me.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal 3 Day Blog Comment Col... on 4/4/11

Those three ain't nothing but cold calculating politicians. Mentally ill people don't have the money or voting block like the glbt group. Especially after betrayal by nami and mha. A bunch cowards, all of them.
By voter on Is an Angel Donor Bringing a Happy New Beginning f... on 4/4/11

There is a distinct sense of superiority, and even racism, from these low life MHMR employees and their incompetent bosses. Is it just me being overly sensitive? "Trash", "ghetto", "classy","right kind of people",etc. ??? Kkk has a chapter inside MHMR-TC or something? ??
By McDermott Klan?? on Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former... on 4/4/11

You whining losers keep on asking your same questions over and over but you're wasting your time because the all powerful Dr. McDermott OWNS the county government, which includes the county judge, the commissioners court, and the DA's office. Knowledge may be power, but it ain't as powerful as M.O.N.E.Y. And the good doctor has plenty of money, especially with that piggybank called MHMR Visions. Go ahead and waste your time reading this puny ass blog and asking your puny ass questions if you want ...and since you don't have a life. Dr. McDermott and friends are in the clear now, only three weeks left before Bravo starts billing Medicaid,and are laughing their way to the b.a.n.k. Later, losers.
By Anonymous on The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarr... on 4/4/11

McDermott the wussycrat got the county judge and commissioners to be his lapdogs, even made a fool of the FW weekly's better reporters. Commissioner Roy Brooks was bragging about how easy it was to fool that old hippie weekly writer.
By County employee on The Paradise Center Scandal 3 Day Blog Comment Col... on 4/4/11

Better not let McDermott and his goons find or they will use their political connection to "neutralize" another good Samaritan in this godforsaken county and Cow crap town. McDermott is a crook in trouble and he's desperate enough to do whatever it takes to save his sissy a***. Good luck, but be extremely careful.
By hulen tower staff on Is an Angel Donor Bringing a Happy New Beginning f... on 4/4/11


Anonymous said...

Psych Prof. 4/5/11

Yes, I know the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. I do not like either! In reading your comments I see you are not very professional. You use words like sociopaths, borderlines, and let's not forget the ink blot test as "weapons"!

I have worked in the medical profession for years. I have typed many of psych socials. One thing I have learned is in Fort Worth there is a very low success rate. What is a success rate? It is one's ability to deal with the problem and see that person return as a functioning Adult in the work force as well as being able to return to successful living in the day to day life skills.

Unfortunately, Fort Worth MHMR and JPS has not been able to achieve many goals for their clients. Clients are either put in group homes, have payees, and live their lives depressed! You call that helping someone????? No way, their is a "better way!"

I will share my own testimony with you. Many years ago I was struggling with "severe depression" and Psychologist and Psychiatrist had not helped me at all.

My church reached out to me. I was prayed over again and again. Then a older woman became a mentor and my church also, did alot of preaching on Victorious Living.

One of my favorite Scriptures is "Our weapons are not carnal, but, mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds."

Another favorite scripture my Mom taught me as a child along with her other favorite scriptures was " God has not given us a spirit of fear but, power, love and a SOUND MIND! She taught me that "greater is HE that is within me then he that is in the World." I was taught spiritual warfare against the Devil !

I was taught to "put on the whole armour of God that I may stand against the Devil".

You may not agree with me ! But, I certainly, don't agree with you! I know that the "Joy of the Lord is my strength!"


Yes, I was raised with preachers and I have also preached in Oklahoma, Texas, and California along with Music Ministry.

Have a blessed day in Jesus! I am!

Psych prof. said...

Alright churchlady. What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? Simply saying you know the difference is not good enough. I have faith
in God, but human beings have to show proof.

Inkblot testing = "weapon"? Besides this confusing statement, I guess you don't have a sense of, and for, humor.

"I have typed many psych socials" means what now, in plain English?

So you get paid by mhmr-bravohealth to give personal spiritual/religious testimony ? How'd you landt that gig?

I'm sure you do other things to earn your paycheck besides that and trolling this website to launch vicious personal attacks against God's children that you don't even know, including a precious child and her parents and"second family"? Is that serving God or the MHMR-TC demigod? Because you can't serve two masters right?

Are you willing to lose your paycheck as the direct result of being a faithful servant of the Almighty in Heaven, even when that means not bowing down to the Almighty in Hulen Tower?

Guess who did such an audacious thing recently ?
Answer these simple questions first and I'll give you the correct and detailed answer.

Anonymous said...

Hey churchlady "smile" b-cuz the Cam--ra is pointing at you. professor Tony sure has a quick parrot...I mean learner in YOU.

Anonymous said...

Good News! The new Drop In Center has purchased a new computer and it can be used by anyone. They are currently getting it set up with Web/and Internet Access.

Black, proud, and LOUD said... long as staff approve, and they aren't too loud, or too dirty, or too irritating. I hate this new place. Who does lynn think she is? she covered up the pool table and told us only one game a day because we're too loud. Its because we're black that she says that. black people are just louder. Deal with it!

taxpayer said...

Where did the drop in place get the money from to buy a new computer? Does a computer need to be brand new to access the internet? Our tax dollars at waste. I don't expect to get a straight answer from you MHMR-TC Bravo bureaucrat.

tax accountant said...

So anybody can "drop in" and use the computer since "it can be used by anyone"? Now that's more like it since our tax dollars pay for it and the internet connection ("Web/and..." is redundant). Thanks Tony Parente (or one of his mhmr masters).

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, a NEW computer. And anyone can use it. We'll see how that works when JR and other gay bar operators send their not so desirable patrons over? Or maybe this is part of the master plan between MHMR-TC's Jimmy McDuhh and his Samaritan House pals. Tony the smile Parente will make such a close partnership would run smoothly. Sorry, African-American men, you'll have to look for Teresa Davis and Paradise because this ain't for your kind.