Monday, April 11, 2011

Paradise Center Press Release for Immediate Distribution

April 11, 2011
Fort Worth,
Tarrant County, Texas USA

Paradise Center, Inc. has endured almost 2 full months of forced exile from its home of almost 14 years.  Today, they'll begin a new phase of their journey.

This little mental health consumer-run non-profit organization will finally get to see what possessions the MHMR Tarrant County staff decided were worthy of being packed into a 16 ft.pod. 

February 17, 2011, they were locked out of the headquarters by MHMR Tarrant County,

They were also denied access to all of their possessions.  These were all items purchased with donations from supporters from the community or directly donated for use by Paradise Center, Inc.

Instead, MHMR Tarrant County decided to pack all of their items for them, into a 16 ft POD.  The Paradise Center, Inc. members and Board of Directors were denied the right to supervise or direct the process.

We just received confirmation that at noon today, Paradise Center, Inc., will finally able to claim its possessions.

The items inside the small POD that supposedly stores all of their property will be unlocked by 2 MHMR of Tarrant County executive staff.

Members and Board Members of Paradise Center, Inc. willl be present at the new location for Paradise Center, Inc., 525 S. Henderson Street in Fort Worth, to inventory the POD.

This is a watershed moment in this under reported major scandal that involves various prominent individuals and organizations from the local community.

Steve Doevung
Paradise Center, Inc.
friends helping friends in mental health recovery


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It's seems like a long time. Ben was out Sunday looking for the new place. I think he is missing a place to go. Glad you are getting your items in the pod.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you getting your items out of the Pod, and having your new place Teresa Davis and Steve will stop their whining. Boo Hoo ! Poor Me !!

Long time reader, first time poster said...

That cracks me up! Can someone please point me to the places on this blog, another blog, or ANYWHERE, where Teresa Davis and Steve are whining and saying BOO HOO and Poor me????
Geez, idiiots make it just too easy. I couldn't resist. Usually I just read and laugh. But, come one. "Boo Hoo"??

This is the new media age when we, the general public, get to have front-row seats to how politicians (see, well, most of the scandals of the last 5 years), Executives (See NPR resignations), professional athletes (hello, Tiger Woods!), and anyone in the public eye are caught by their own belief that they can't be caught.

You'd think they'd learn. But massive egos alwayas think that they won't get caught.

It's just too bad that in this particular situation there are alot of disabled people caught in the line of fire. Sounds like they are rebounding.

Durango, I've tried to find Paradise Center on the web. Any news on where their web page has gone? And how can people donate? Lots of us would give $25 or $50 in support.

"Boo Hoo" commentor: if you set me up again, I will spike it.

scandal watcher said...

Still angry, jealous, and snippy. Why is that mhmr, bravo cons?
Some of us can read and think, so the fact that you were aware of this detail made it easy to peg who are. Plus, the negative outlook and hateful tone were dead give aways.

Ironic for Tony the Smile P., the new paradise headquarters is two doors down from Jack-in-the Box. Ya think those paradise people were eating at the joint because they were already checking out their new digs and had been setting up the place WHILE THEY PLAYED ALONG WITH JR AND YOUR MHMR GANG??

And meanwhile your gang was sweating out the POD and wasting time and energy on dirty schemes and mean spirited attacks on good and decent people who are open and positive. Most of the time the guilty are the ones acting evasively. Sound like anyone you know, Tony?

Anonymous said...

Urrr grrrreat, tony p. Smile. Or not!

Watchful clinic case manager said...

I got a good view of the move on Monday. There was a stark contrast between the Paradise people and the bureaucrats. While one is acting like a real nonprofit consumer-run group who was working as a team with pride of ownership doing their best to help remove their possession from the new building that's supposedly a medical storage facility.

Then there's the bureaucrats who acted like typical unmotivated and uninvested people killing time standing around chitchatting waiting until they can leave work. There's D.who uses an oxygen breather moving plants that he's known for tending in memory of Paradise members who had passed on to a better place while two high salaried staff from hulen tower sat there and watched him struggle. Ellen and Tony and Sandy shared gossip and jokes as two female Paradise leaders with obvious health problems did their best to help.

It was painful yet inspiring to watch. I now see why Paradise Center was so successful and efficient with their very limited resources. That group's going to make it.

Oh, and Theresa was doing her usual thing of wearing several hats and multitasking while being friendly to all around her and interupped by phone calls regarding case manager type things she was working on to help the clients ...which many of us case managers now can appreciate so much better because now we suddenly have many issues to deal with that were previously done by Paradise Center's consumer leaders, Board members, volunteers, and Theresa. MHMR-TC really screwed up in many different ways.

You're on the right track in asking questions about the secretive relationship between MHMR-TC and Bravo and Nami-tc.
What should focus on next is the secrets behind how the building that's now overflowing clients from three different clinics was taken away from the consumers shortly after it was built. It was designed and p r e s e n t e d to voters as a community center for consumers that were members of Paradise Center. I believe that just like the JPS scandal from 4-5 years ago,reducing access to services and facilities for the intended recipients to make executives look good to the Trustees who then reward them with fat salaries and bonuses is what's driving all these unethical if not illegal activities.

Speaking of which, I hope Theresa's lawyers clean their clocks for deliberately making clients and staff think she had done something horrible or even criminal. This finally clicked for me when my wise parents said if she was guilty of anything she'd be hiding or hightailing it out of town.

Instead it's the MHMR-TC leadership who's been hiding and trying to smear her as person--not a word about professional conduct..or misconduct. Not a word.

mhmr talker said...

The mhmr cons get credit for consistency. As in consistently nasty. Consistently showing little regard for the truth. If the not for profit group is to be believed, the MHMR-TC cons lied about how much and where the organization's properties are stored.

Now it seems that these slanderous personal attacks on specific individuals and dishonest propaganda must have the full approval of the agency leadership...because the low level employees have little reason to spew such venom except to please mhmr executives whose egos have been seriously bruised by disclosure of their deceptive and exploitive ways.

Unless he's naturally a hateful person, Tony Parente would have no reason to launch such disgusting verbiage. The three stoogettes are, well, stooges. Period.

Despite Tony "smile" Parente's claim that he and the help name Lynn are a good team, Lynn apparently don't see it that way.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Dale, moving plants out, etc. Let's not forget he may be on oxygen, but, he always has to take a "SMOKING" break. He might not be in the shape he is in if he "STOPPED SMOKING"!

Pretty in Pink said...

You, "anonymous" of 4/18 at 12:48pm. First of all, isn't that during working hours? Are you being paid to blog? And secondly, the person of whom you speak about "stopped smoking" hasn't smoked since 1/1/10. You're embarrassing yourself. Don't you have anyone who can make you STOP? If not, here's some friendly advice: put down your iPhone and do something productive. NOW.

Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD that the paradise center is opening again because I will not allow my brother to be anywhere near such mean and hateful people as these mhmr thugs. His buddies neither. Bullies and incompetent and unhappy bureaucrats sum up the character of these people and their agency real real well.

Anonymous said...

lynne was working so little and hardly know the consumers and it shows because dale has copd and quit smoking after recent health scares and hospitalizations, while teresa and elizabeth were visiting him and his sister in the hospital lynne the modern judas was busy plotting with her mhmr rulers to invade paradise center.

guess you didnt kno he was forced to quit smoking and didnt kno dale's brother and family are closely following this scandal. id be worried lynne ...and your mhmr masters. smile, tony!!

Sam S. said...

The truth and a dose of "tough love" seem to shut these very nasty but very incompetent mhmr slugs up every time. Why is that? I know they won't be able to provide an answer to that question so I'll just ask my fifth-grader and her chums.

Anonymous said...

Lisa told me that she went to the new Paradise Center and it's not very nice inside. Only the old tv and old pool table and not much else to do but just sit around doing nothing. Since they no longer have a commercial kitchen there is no snack bar. No awning outside for smokers etc. I noticed alot of the so called donors were clients. Social Security probably would have a fit at whar clients are doing! Teresa Davis is now really on her own. Now without a van either. Now Tony and Lynn get the building, two vans. Commercial kitchen ! Life is sweet at Community Center!

Anonymous said...

just found this site and look who"s right in the middle of this ugly mhmr mess...the wacky woman, as many in southside fort worth inc. had labeled this lynne person who was a pest with her negative attitude and hatred toward mhmr.

ironic that she has crawled to mhmr for a few dollars an hour. i guess her sugar daddy had realized what he was getting himself in to, just in time. i used to give tony food when he was out of his mind and wandering the downtown streets. good for you, anthony. but you"re one mean person when you're in your right mind.