Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Righting Wrongs, Fighting Injustice & Ferreting Out Corruption Aren't The Fort Worth Way

No Justice, but try for some peace...??? made an interesting comment to yesterday's Fort Worth is Up A Creek Without a Paddle With the Paradise Center Scandal blogging.

No justice, but try for some peace...??? said...

What does a community, or even a small group of individuals, do when they believe the public trust has been violated? To whom do we appeal for an investigation? What is the next step, Durango? A month or more of this blogging and still nothing? Seems the Paradise crew are moving on. Can't blame them, really. Gotta keep moving. Waiting for FW (Fort Worth) or TC (Tarrant County) to make things right seems fruitless.


The break-in of the Democrat National Headquarters at the Watergate occurred on June 17, 1972. Richard Nixon did not resign as president until August 9, 1974.

The Watergate Scandal had real newspapers, like the Washington Post, doing investigative journalism regarding what was behind the Watergate break-in. Even so, few paid attention. The majority believed the White House denials. Richard Nixon was re-elected in one of history's biggest landslides 5 months after the Watergate break-in.

It was not until after Nixon's second inauguration and the conviction in Judge Sirica's court of those who did the break-in, followed by the Senate televised hearings into the Watergate Scandal, that the majority of Americans began to pay attention and grow very disgusted at what ended up being the biggest political scandal in American history.

The Paradise Center Scandal is a small matter compared to Watergate. However, only those who perpetrated the crimes and coverup were hurt in Watergate. The Paradise Center Scandal has had real victims, real people hurt by the perpetrators of the Paradise Center Scandal.

I don't know if any legit journalist will ever look into the Paradise Center Scandal. I don't know what might be the next step in trying to bring to justice those who committed this very bad wrongdoing.

What I do know is that pretty much every day the Paradise Center Scandal blog has more visitors than it did the day before.

I also know, by looking at my Google stats, that this blog is being seen by people outside of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

I also know that I am not going to shut up about this. When I feel like I've got some new info to share, I'll share it.

Because I truly totally believe there is something dire wrong with how the local government operates with no transparency, no accountability and, to me, no adults with common sense in charge. And no legitimate newspaper acting as the Fourth Estate, looking out for the welfare of The People, righting wrongs, fighting injustice and ferreting out corruption.

Sadly, righting wrongs, fighting injustice and ferreting out corruption just aren't the Fort Worth Way.


justice NOW said...

AMEN. AND AMEN,Durangotexas. You keep on telling the truth and shining the light on these dirty deeds by dirty a****people in the shadows. A-m-e-n, brother. I likes what I hear and see.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, now that you're in- it -to -win- it , so to speak, Mcdummy and his cons are in deep doo-doo. Just ask JD Granger and his mommy. You go, good ol' Washington boy.

Anonymous said...

So, you're not volunteering to be the Erin Brockovich of FW? You could display your, uhm, assets, as she did in the movie, to find out information....or better yet. Why not sign up as an MHMR client yourself? Go undercover, sort of, like the S-T writer who plays homeless once every 5 years. I'm liking this idea, Durango! Who is with me? Durango, FW's answer to Erin Brockovich!!!

Aggie Vet said...

How about just demanding public officials act honestly, openly, and ethically. No need for any undercover work or utility of one's, ahem, physical assets and such. Is that just too much to expect?? Especially after my buddies and I had put our lives on the line in defense of the American way of life.

And yes unfortunately many of my brothers and sisters in arms are homeless, many suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. I see McDermott's nonprofit 501c3 called MHMR Visions made a big thing about Liberty House in the heart of the homeless area.

What I don't get is why locate the facility in such a
terrible environment , you know with depressing sights and temptations to backslider? And for all the donations Visions collected, they couldn't get some inexpensive NEW bed linens for these injured heroes and instead asked for used beddings??

That deal with Visions and Liberty House is too similar to how the people with chronic and serious mental illnesses and The Paradise nonprofit was treated by MHMR and McDermott. This dude and his cronies' actions are shady at best.

nami-tc family said...

I just got my monthly nami-tc newsletter and very likely due to your expose of this scandal the leadership has scheduled reps from the two Medicaid HMOs to give presentations at this months meeting, which quite a remarkable contrast from previous months when the board and other leaders were pushing Bravo Health as if it were the sole provider in our service area.

Keep up the good work because some good things are already coming out of it. The works not finished yet as long as the evil doers are not held accountable for the pain and suffering they've inflicted on Ms. Davis, her family, and her Paradise Center Family.

Guess who said...

Hey Anonymous but very likely Tony "smile!" Parentes, making the stupid comments on 04/06 @ 3:51PM, it sounds like you're already doing all those things you've suggested already. We know you, Tone. And watching you.

public citizen said...

These individuals and entities in Tarrant county are giving other individuals and entities with similar positions and duties a very bad name. Mental health care, services, and advocacy should be a respected and ethical part of modern society. But with the politicalization and abuse of public money and authority by jim mcdermott and his buddies, the loss of public trust and respect will take years to overcome. And possibly convictions or legal settlements.

Besides the question about NAMI of tarrant county, the questions and scrutinity should focus primarily on jim mcdermott and the government agency under his stewardship. The questions also include why he and his team are exploiting the mentally ill people that they had placed in charge of the so called drop-in center. Those people would have a legal cause of action against mhmr and tarrant county for exploiting and abusing them, specifically in using them to be their mouthpieces to try and smear the Paradise people.

Guelma said...

The bullycrats and their cronies obviously were not counting on the new communication avenues like emails and other Internet based modes, especially not your blog, Durango. It seems that the McDermott gang is rather old-fashioned....using money and thuggery to get their way. Surprise, jumbo and crew.