Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good News About Elizabeth's Successful Heart Procedure

Message, with good news, from Elizabeth's mom, Teresa.....

Mr. Durango,

This is Teresa, Elizabeth's mom. Her surgery had been scheduled tentatively since January. We have had a firm date since early April.

I want to make sure that everyone remembers that this hubub about her heart condition started because she responded to something someone said on the blog.

She wrote (with our permission) about Mr. D., one of the members who has known her since her birth, who let me know that he plays the lottery when the prizes are really large so he can win and help pay for Elizabeth's surgery. I discouraged him from this many times. It was his way of saying that he wanted to do something to help us, as we have helped him.

When he was homeless for 2 years, carrying his possessions in a black garbage bag, with no money or food, we were there for him. And I think that coming to Paradise Center, being "normal" and interacting with my baby daugher, helped give him hope for his own future. (I can't wait for the comments about how awful I am to let a HOMELESS MAN around my infant.)

Regarding her surgery, she insists we call it "a procedure". Less scary for her, but actually more accurate. The evening of the "procedure", she was up, playing charades with visiting friends, and even tap dancing. Everything went smoothly, the doctor and all of the staff at Children's Medical were amazing, and we are all so happy to have that hurdle behind us. She doesn't even have one stitch on her body. Amazing!

Thank you for your concern and well wishes,

Teresa Davis
Paradise Center, Inc.
friends helping friends in mental health recovery

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Paradise Center's Elizabeth

That is Elizabeth holding a couple of her many awards. Those of us who have been following the Paradise Center Scandal have read about Elizabeth. And her mom, Teresa, and dad, Steve.

The bad people who committed the dirty deeds that erupted into the Paradise Center Scandal counted,, among their dirty deeds attacking Teresa's parenting of Elizabeth.

Today I heard some good news from Anonymous about Elizabeth. I have been unable to confirm the good news, but I suspect it is true.

This is what Anonymous had to say...

I was told by a sweet couple that go to Paradise Center that Elizabeth had a procedure at Childrens Hospital in Dallas to repair the hole in her heart. Broadway Baptist is praying for her. Let's keep her in our prayers.

I talked to Elizabeth when CatsPaw and I visited Paradise Center last month. What a cute, sweet, smart little girl Teresa and Steve have raised. Let's keep Elizabeth and her mom and dad, and her Paradise Center family in our prayers.