Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Paradise Center is Moving In to Its New Home at 525 S. Henderson Street

It is with great pleasure I am able to tell you that one chapter of the Paradise Center Scandal has closed.

The Paradise Center has moved to its new home at 525 South Henderson Street.

The new Paradise Center is a 2-story, newly refurbished 2,000 square foot building with lots of shaded outdoor space.

The new Paradise Center is about 6 blocks from its former location and directly on the bus line.

The new Paradise Center will be having an Open House towards the end of the month.

I don't know if the Paradise Center got all their possessions safely back from the MHMR Bullycrat thugs. I do know that the Paradise Center needs the phone company to connect the phone numbers the Paradise Center has had for over 12 years, out of the MHMR takeover building, to the new Paradise Center.

Regarding the ongoing lawsuits aspects of the Paradise Center Scandal, and the possibly criminal acts of MHMR-TC CEO Jim McDermott and his co-conspirators, a Wesleyan law student made the following comment....

I smell ay least two lawsuits coming from this scandal. That's probably when the shallow media pays attention. And the time for sweeping out the garbage in MHMR.
By Wesleyan law student on The Tangled Web of The Paradise Center Scandal: No... at 6:54 AM

See you all at the Paradise Center Open House.


Anonymous said...

That's great news because my brother, who's an active member of Paradise Center, has been getting agitated from feeling mistreated by the new MHMR-TC and Bravo Health people completely running the so called drop in place. I wish for once these MHMR people would speak honestly and act openly instead of their trademark deception and evasion: THE NEWLY PAINTED AND FURNISHED PLACE IS A CLINIC TYPE OFFICE BRAVO HEALTH TO BILL MEDICAID FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP THERE, MOST OUT OF HABIT LIKE MY BROTHER.

AT least not my brother since Paradise is now reopened. Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

A friend who works inside Hulen Tower has given Hard confirmation that taxpayer-funded MHMR is involved in an intimate business relationship with profit-driven HMO Bravo Health. Will scan the doc and forward it to the Paradise folks.

MHMR and their stool pigeons have been caught in a MAJOR LIE.

And yes, MHMR is desperately trying to manipulate their current clients to switch from Amerigroup to Bravo before the 05/01/11 reinstatement of Bravo to do business (i.e. bill Medicaid and generate profit)by the State's Dept. Of Health Services.

What's wrong with this picture, folks??

Anonymous said...

Do you think that the CEO will be at the grand re-opening?

Coward catcher said...

Sissy boy will be too busy talking to defense lawyers.
.if he's still got his job and freedom.

That wussycrat has to even hide inside Hulen Tower, he'd have to be under the influence of something to have the guts to show his cowardly face.

Anonymous said...

I heard JR might send food from Randy Beez's to celebrate the grand reopening. Fingers crossed ......

BTW, the lame ass ceo and his mhmr cons can eat #$&*- and die!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we gays get worked kinda fast. YEAH, Paradise Center...and this hunk of Washington manliness ;D

p.s. we meant it @ the crappy exec. officer and the mhmr cons, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, Praise the Lord !!! Good News that Paradise Center has got their new home!

Hopefully, in the near future this will all be behind everyone !! Thank You Jesus!! A Miracle has happened !!

Anonymous said...

Great News! When you getting your "junk" out of the Pod?????

Sunday school student said...

MHMR -bravo shill who is this Jesus you speak of? Does he live and work around your "side"? Or is He the ONE whose name people should not use "in vain"...or just in the same breath in degrading those he calls "the least of these my brethren".
..in other words "the least among you" are His brothers and sisters.

You ready to explain to Him how you mesh the two opposite attitudes? ? Do you know the English words for "hallelujah"?

Anonymous said...

Wonder why it's seen as "a Miracle has happened!!" for a nonprofit to simply find a suitable facility??

Could the comments from mhmr employees and others in the know be true: that mhmr's ceo and his allies have doing everything they could to prevent this consumer-run nonprofit from surviving and continuing to do its good work in and for our community?

Remember the perplexing deal with JR of Rainbow Lounge and Randy Beez's?? There's gotta be a story behind that whole issue there.

What size is this POD (or is it a "pod" as mhmr shill says?) container? and what all does it hold? I imagine it's a pretty large one.

Anonymous said...

It looks like "the oTher side" is b-a-a-a-a-c-k.

I don't think they had ever "left" despite the phony "farewells" yada-yada.

The leadership team of MHMR-TC has definitely been monitoring this truth-telling site, and cowardly send out these low level employees to make verbal assaults on the Paradise people and organization. It is actually beyond cowardice when it appears that at least two or more of the staff/"new management" of the drop-in place are mental health consumers themselves. It cannot be healthy for these people, or for a fair discussion on here, to be sent into the "ring" armed only with partial truths and hatred, and then get slaughtered by some aggressive (to put it mildly) reactions by the readers of this blog.

That's the same kind of abuse and exploitation that the Paradise people and their leader fought against so hard and has led to this scandal's exposure to the public.

MHMR's ceo jim mcdermott, Trustees, and their bosses the County Commissioners are playing a dangerous game with people's lives...and some rather fragile mental conditions and emotional state. This raises very questions about their judgment and even fitness to hold the public trust in their hands.

just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Comments from mhmr troll on 4/07 is a classic example of the differences in attitude, and tone of discourse between MHMR-TC bullycrats and the consumer-run nonprofit called Paradise Center.

Classic example of classlessness.

Guess Who said...

Anonymous on 04/09@7:27am, the missing link that could answer your spot on questions about the mystery of the disappearing good Samaritan JR might have just revealed himself (review recent con comments).

Extra clue: the major nonprofit Samaritan House is part of that nexus.

Curious said...

Interesting, the two comments from an mhmr con on april 7th seems almost like they have two different personalities. One very religious and nice while the other is mean-spirited and almost evil.

Is that a case of split personality in schizophrenics that we usually hear about?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much the following facts pertain to this scandal 's JR and gay bar part buy they just might trigger something in people's minds.

The "manager" at the drop in place called Tony is Anthony Patented. Old Anthony was a client of the Samaritan House who then finaggled his way into being a _member of the Board of said
organization. The CEO of said nonprofit, which gets tons of public funds, took over the helm of similar quasi nonprofit entity called MH Housing Corporation which gets tens of millions of public funds to build and operate two large apartment complexes within a one mile radius of the Samaritan House or Rainbow Lounge bar. MH Housing Corp is intertwined with MHMR-TC and Jim McDermott for many years, swapping board members and such.

There are many question related to this JR mystery that attorneys will discover and expose in legal proceedings I have been told.

members of their boards.

Anthony Parente also got on an MHMR-TC board around the same time that CEO Steve Dutton took over MH Housing Corp.

Sonja Gaines of MHMR-TC got MHMR-TC Trustees to rubberstamp Anthony Patented to be the peer leader at the new drop in center right after just a couple weeks of realization that the Paradise p3ople

Anonymous said...

Let's hope JR doesn't send food.......at the opening of Randy Bees the food was good, now with new people doing it it's not very good food.

Anonymous said...

Pros and Cons of the Paradise Center/New Drop In Center has generated alot of blogging !!! What's next???? or will everyone still be blogging in 2012 ????

Guelma said...

It looks like future blogging will focus on specific misconducts on the part of the MHMR-TC cons. Very likely coming out of lawsuits that show even more clearly that McDermottitus had infected much of the agency and anyone that came in contact with it.

That's just the talk among certain professional circles.

Anonymous said...

Some who are being exploited by the mhmr wussycrats might be blogging from the state hospital if they continue to participate in this vulgar mhmr campaign of destruction.

As for the bullycrats and their gang, it depends on what kind of lawyer they retain or how well the voters remember the damages that are allowed to be inflicted on people as paret of this scandal.