Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scandal Madness Fan is Appalled at the Lack of Civility and Decency of the MHMR Cons

Yesterday a comment was made by "Scandal Madness Fan" that sort of summed up what I had been thinking regarding all the nasty, mean-spirited, ugly, heartless, indecent, inappropriate comments that have come in from people purporting to support MHMR-TC and what the CEO of that organization, Jim McDermott, did to the Paradise Center and Teresa Davis.

Below is the comment from "Scandal Madness Fan"....

Scandal Madness Fan has left a new comment on your post "Fort Worth's Paradise Center Scandal Now Has A Blog...":

Wow, the lack of civility and decency shown by the commenters against (the "cons") this Teresa lady and her small, but brave, group of people leaves me and my family wondering what has happened to these cons to make them so hateful.

Practically kicking and spitting on people who are "down" --from what appears to be some improper HR decisions and from the fact that these people just happen to have the misfortune of inheriting genes for life altering brain diseases.

Those commenters voicing opinions in favor of (the "pros"), these courageous people seem to have more serious questions that need answering than spitting out vile and often immature attacks.

The cons sure act like they're trying to hide some bad things they're guilty of, while the pros act like concerned citizens trying to sort out the truth from all the mean-spirited and distracting attacks.

We think the "Pros" are winning this discussion/debate in the court-of-public-opinion and that unless something substantial can be produced soon by the other side, the "Cons" will go wherever based on their culpability, including the big house, maybe, because they sure are acting like they've been caught BIG TIME.

While their "arguments" lack substance and factual support, we give the Cons credit for naming names and for "knowing who they're talking about/against".

Thanks for providing the facts, opportunities, and the forum, Durango. The local newspaper used to do this some years ago, we recall.

P.S. the specificity of names, actions, and situations spouted by the Cons would indicate that they are "thick as thieves" with the MHMR people and are getting money from MHMR of Tarrant County, either as salaries or grants. or they have super natural powers to know so much specific details.

Posted by Scandal Madness Fan to Durango Texas at March 19, 2011 2:31 PM


I have no way of knowing if it is true or not, but I have been told that MHMR employees have been told to cease with commenting on the subject of the Paradise Center Scandal. I imagine someone in that organization realized how bad the MHMR "Cons" were appearing in their vitriolic, badly written, comments.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so the McDermott regime which is desperately trying to hold onto its power like its counterpart in Libya has clamped down on those who draw their paychecks from taxpayer funded MHMR-TC. But they can talk to their family and friends when off the clock, though.

So we have friends who work inside Hulen Tower and get this, they suspect that the MHMR-TC bigwigs might be in even more trouble. This time with the Texas Workforce Commission, for possibly submitting misleading information to deny Theresa Davis temporary unemployment payments.

They think that the bigwigs' clever plan to inflict even more pain on this poor woman backfired because she had well documented facts that caused the state agency to come back to MHMR with some tough questions about the truthfulness of their information regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding Theresa's sudden firing.

Which shocked most MHMR employees since they'd only heard positive things about her as a professional and an individual.

If that wasn't enough to make this whole thing a scandal, this latest thing --if completely true and not just based on whispers and worried looks---would make it one.

Many employees are hoping that there will be some serious investigation because they think that the agency "is due for a deep cleaning". I say Amen to that after what I've read and heardso far.

JessiesGirl said...

Just one quick question: What is the scandal? I'm confused.

Based on what I've read, a place called Paradise Center, with a Director Teresa Davis, that was (or secretly wasn't) liked was fired by MHMR. What is MHMR's interest in Paradise Center? How could they fire a non-profit's director? Did I miss that somewhere? I googled Paradise Center. Except for your stuff, did you know that it's listed on not only MHMR Tarrant County's page as a program, but on NAMI Tarrant county's page, kind of implying that it's their program? And the Paradise Center web page is empty. So, what's the story here? Who does this organization belong to, so to speak, and who has the authority to speak on its behalf? AND, who has the authority to hire/fire. That's what I think needs to be answered here. Beneath all the "move on" comments, and, even worse, the "fat lady" comments, are some angry vibes. Come on, Durango, break it down for us. As a long-time reader, I expect a certain directness from you. Lay it on us.

The End said...

Don't you little people get it? IT'S JUST A PERSONELL MATTER and only concerns MHMR. No one else.

The woman who was fired with prejudice committed an unforgivable crime. Therefore she was treated as such. What's so hard to understand?

Plus she's a horrible parent, as evidenced by that abnormal child of hers. We won't even go into the race mixing thing because we have class and are dignified community leaders.

Furthermore, the honorable MHMR Board of Trustees and the newly elected County Commissioners would not have allowed anything even remotely resembling unfairness, much less any impropriaties. They're perfectly happy with this outcome. That's that.

That should settle it. Now move along and watch those boys play with the round balls or follow whatever popular TV show that's running now.

Even better, read this blogger's section about all the popular TV programs.

To blog owner: this particular little blog is really not relavent any longer. You can take down now. Appreciate it.

Suzette said...

The End---for corrupt bullycrats like yourself and all those puppets of ceo Jim McDermott. That THE END that's more in line with reality.

All's well that ENDS WELL.

CatsPaw said...

Oh my god, "The End" ... what a sniveling, ugly-hearted little homo sapien you must be. Dignity and class? Yes, you're exhibiting that in spades, especially in picking on a child. I've gotten a real good snapshot of your "mental health."

Anonymous said...

Well, Folks the Grownups are not feeling a need to no longer speak with you. We have resolved our issues within ourselves and are running a successful drop in center. Maybe through blogging each other on your side you will eventually get some kind of peace inside and learn to "run your organization as "As Adults". It's time to go it on your own. You've been dependent several years and in time you will find this was best for you. Farewell !

Durango said...

Why are most of the MHMR cons so challenged when it comes to writing the English language?

I doubt the latest Anonymous knows what a double negative is. Or that what she/he wrote actually meant the opposite of what I believe Anonymous was trying to convey.

I also doubt Anonymous will be able to understand what I'm talking about.

CatsPaw said...

I like the random capitalization, too.

"We have resolved our issues within ourselves ..." Hah! Thanks for the laugh. That's pretty funny, too.

Yo MHMR Mamma said...

The con-voluted comment from mhmr Con is not very con-vincing at all. Did some "Grown-ups" just joined MHMR of TC ?? Hope so because the immaturity, poor judgement, and poor thinking and communicating exhibited by the con "side" criy out for some adult supervision and even discipline. Tough love, so to speak...something you've been given a taste of it appears.

So go on, run to the "Grown-ups" and whine about how roughly you were treated, what with all the facts and logic that confused you. Hint: be truthful and honest and you won't get tripped up by your own con-trived "stories" and then appropriately humiliated by people who can see past your clumsy lies and baseless personal attacks.

CatsPaw said...

I suspect our "farewell" friend is a low-level office functionary at MHMR and has been put on the short leash by the big dogs ... er, I mean, "grownups." They've told her to quit barking up the tree.

Con-cerned citizen said...

CatsPaw, you mean barking up the WRONG tree and getting slapped down by the RIGHT people.

Whatever level, these cons' conduct and mean spiritness reflect the MHMR leadership, who apparently did NOT provide any kind of support,uch less supervison and oversight over Ms.Davis and ITS program for almost ten straight years.

The ignorance will send you running and the truth will set you free jimmy mcD and cons.