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The Paradise Center Scandal Has Me Mad As Hell At Fort Worth

This "Mad As Hell At Fort Worth" blogging is from February 23, 2011 on the Durango Texas Blog. This blogging generated dozens of comments which are copied below. Feel free to keep on commenting on The Paradise Center Scandal Blog.

The troubled sky over the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth is a good metaphor for my foul mood.

I thought a late afternoon hike at the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium might break me out of this I'm mad as hell and I don't wanna take it anymore Howard Beale mood I've been in.

I think it may be the bizarre Fort Worth Paradise Center Scandal that has pushed me near the edge.

I've have had it happen to me, having something taken away with no warning. Unfairly and wrongly.

I've often been troubled, during my Texas Exile, as to what in the world is wrong with Fort Worth. Is there an Empathy Deficit in this town?

I'm not much of a religious person. Well, actually, I'm not a religious person. But I sure get some of what Jesus tried to teach people. As in, what you do to the least among you, you do unto me.

In the Paradise Center you had a place that helped the least among us. And you had a lady running the place of whom I think Jesus would have approved.

Running the Paradise Center in the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

Where are the Christians coming to the defense of these wronged people?

It is incidents like this that make me have very little respect for way too many who go about claiming to be Christian.

Why was Teresa Davis fired? What is the justification for disrupting her life and the lives of those she helped?

This is a woman who went way beyond the call of duty. Over the years she took adult disabled children on adventures they otherwise would never have experienced. Overnight trips to Sea World in San Antonio, the Space Center in Houston, Diamond Digging in Arkansas.

Why is there not a LOUD outcry from all the people who had family who were helped by the Paradise Center and Teresa Davis?

Why is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram not interested in this scandal?

Am I the only person who sees that something is very wrong here? I've already opined that the reason Teresa Davis was fired needs to be made public. An investigation needs to take place into who made the decision to fire Teresa Davis. And why. This may end up needing to be a criminal investigation. There may be some serious wrongdoing in play here.

And another note as to what bothers me about this. Teresa Davis is married to Steve Doeung. Teresa and Steve were put through a living hell by the City of Fort Worth and Chesapeake Energy in their fight to protect their home from having a non-odorized natural gas pipeline placed underneath it.

I watched Steve defend himself in court. I saw Chesapeake lawyers tell the judge that the judge was incorrect on some point of law. That Steve was correct.

I am embarrassed, as an American, at what the City of Fort Worth and Chesapeake Energy put this proud Cambodian-American through, after he went through so much to get to America.


Where Steve was under the delusion he would finally be free of Communist type oppression.

Yet now, once again, Steve and his wife are subject to oppression, in America, oppression that is of the sort of bureaucratic bullying practiced by the Communists and the Nazis.

And yet nary a voice speaks out, demanding that this wrong be righted.

I really do not think Jesus would be all that proud that this sad part of the earth is known as the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

It's more the Center of Divine Hypocrisy.

I've told Steve Doeung, previously, that he and his family might be a lot happier if they moved to the part of America that is the America he thought he was moving to, when he left Cambodia.

Move to Seattle. Anyone in Washington reading this. Can you provide asylum to a Cambodian-American and his family and help them finally live in the America of Steve's dreams?

If Steve does move out of Texas and into America, I must warn you, if you meet him, he has a good Texas accent. And speaks way better English than a lot of Texans I've met over the years.


Anonymous said...
let Mhmr do tbeir jobs. There is people who think it is time for change. Teresa Davis stated Peer leaders volunteer over 8000 hours last year. KEEP IN MIND THESE INDIVIDUALS DRAW SSI CHECKS. That is fraudulent. If they can work that many hours then its time to get off SSI and get a regular jobs.
FEBRUARY 23, 2011 8:19 PM

 MHMR Insider said...
Is this commenter a lawyer specializing in employment or medicaid/medicare matters?

Since facts and logic and reason are lacking from these bureaucrats and the people who are supposed to to stand up for "the least of these", I will offer a sampler to wet the appetite (or repel those who are allergic to these values and priciples).

This is a public interest issue since MHMR gets about $100Million annually to provide services for these neighbors of ours in Tarrant alone. The CEO and his cronies have a duty to be open and honest about what they're doing and answer questions regarding the pain and suffering their actions have caused so many people. The rippling effect will be felt by the community in terms of more costly interventions for these confused and upset people.
As stability, consistency, and compassion the friends to these and other people with other kinds of major illnesses, these sudden and cataclysmic (and unethical if not unprofessional or criminal)changes are their nemesis.

Of course, we the tax payers and the community will pay for these reckless and abusive decisions eventually in terms of the decline in these people's health, some getting involved with anti-social and even criminal behavior, and the financial payment to Ms. Davis for the unjustified termination as well as a laundry list of injuries like damaging her reputation, her health, etc.

Bend over taxpayers because thanks to these arrogant and incompetent 'public servants", less of our taxes will be used to help "the least of these". Look up David Cicero and JPS for a similar scandal just a couple years ago in this dirty 'ol town.

One does not have to get paid to do work. And work, including physical and mental exercises Durango, is good for people's health. No one really runs for eight hours a day, so these folks disabled by serious mental illness only works in 3-4 hour shifts a day, often sitting or interacting with their peers. if you do the math you can see how many of these people, who MHMR often decided were so disabled that they were placed in assisted living facilities and their measley $550/month SSI checks are controlled by MHMR case workers.

Just ask them for testimonies about how their sense of confidence and dignity were directly helped by the support system Ms. Davis had worked so hard to create---a culture and atmosphere that no bureaucrats or private HMO can replicate.

FYI: even those who had worked long enough to earn credits for SSDI payments after becoming disabled, a type of disability insurance not a basic support for the poor like SSI, are allowed and even encouraged to slowly return to work and earn up to $900/mo without reducing their well-deserved SSDI payments.

Some of the Paradise Center folks have improved enough to get paid part-time jobs, and some of the ones who are only able to volunteer there receive SSDI checks because they did work for years...and are holding hope that the opportunities at P.C. will be a sort of rehab in order to return to gainful employment.

Thanks to ignorance, arrogance, and greed (for revenue from Medicaid billings via Bravo HMO)on the part of CEO mcDermott, PhD. their hopes just got squashed.

Wonder why this smart and powerful guy will not say anything if what he's doing is so proper, legal, and helpful to the so-called "consumers". Hmmmm.
FEBRUARY 24, 2011 11:42 AM

 Anonymous said...
my my my........ FUNNY THAT OTHER CLIENTS HAVE STEPPED UP & Now are the new peer leaders. LYNN IS DOING WONDERFUL JOB IS FILLING TERESA DAVIS SHOES. ITS TIME TERESA & family move on. Some of the old peers are returning. Consumers have not fell apart. Lifes good.
FEBRUARY 24, 2011 7:26 PM

 Anonymous said...
Having been apart of Paradise Center I have seen alot of negative things. Teresa Davis does poorly in money management. SOMEONE NEEDS TO AUDIT THEIR CHECKING ACCOUNT. Teresa Davis had over 380 in personal receipts and went pulled that out of checking account with Dean. Only 400 dollars weS in account. Not much for a business. HOW DO THEY PLAN TO RUN A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY. THEY NEED HELP THEMSELVES
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 1:17 AM

 Ellen said...
WOW, the comment from Anoymous #3 is quite remarkable in its audacity and intimacy. So this person was or is now a paid staff at the old Paradise Center and he/she is making amazing accusations against the former staff person, which if true would justify her termination. But any wrongdoing or violation must come BEFORE the termination.

Based on all that we the public have heard and seen, Ms. Davis was terminated based solely on the charge that she had not attended a meeting and nothing more (thus the outcry and the outrage). If this holds true, such allegations as the very specific and very personal ones that Anon. #3 made would be perceived as something concocted to try and justify a baseless termination of an employee in a public agency which has higher standards than in private companies when it comes to hiring and firing someone.

Word is that Paradise Center paid a reputable CPA to file their annual IRS filings and also conducted periodic audits. CPA's have very high legal, professional, and ethical standards.

Unless the commenter can produce substantive proofs and communicates in a calm and clear-headed manner he/she will be dismissed as someone who doesn't know what they're talking about and possibly opening themselves up for legal action by the people he/she made false and malicious accusations.

Commenter #2 appears to be some one very close to this "Lynn" person, who might very well be quite capable of "filling Teresa's shoes" but the immature gloating tone and taunting of a seemingly decent and dignified lady ...well, it speaks for itself.
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 12:54 PM

 Anonymous said...
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 3:49 PM

 Clinic Staff said...
Ouch, I feel your pain Anon. #4, but the hysterical ranting and "shouting" makes you appear to be not mentally stable yourself. Get some fresh or appropriate treatment before you engage in this obviously personal and emotional issue for you.

Why such venomous personal attacks against someones who the people that work with them the most and closest could only say good things about?

And oh yes, TOILET paper-gate. We've heard about this childish and cowardly ploy by the executives of MHMR. If memories serve me well, the emails circulating around showed that the executives were using as ransome the delivery of regular orders of toilet papers for the FOUR bathrooms that serve the 70-100 people who make Paradise Center a central part of their daily lives.

This commenter is ill-informed and ill sounding. The first, from management meetings and even review of documents it is apparent that Paradise Center has an ongoing contract with MHMR. Considering what the Organization offers to the community and for MHMR clients that people like me try to help, the measly $150K or so that MHMR grants is literally a drop in their $100Million annual budget.

So to withhold toilet papers from the people with mental, well, pretty crappy for them to do and reflects on people who think this is morally acceptable. You and MHMR's executives are thick as thieves and deserve each other #4.

Try to calm down, stick with the facts, and don't let your guilt or personal hatred (or just psychological symptoms) overtake you in this way, friend.

We snuck them some of our stockpile of toilet paper then and will do so again, even if your unstable and spiteful self is in charge because we are like's not just a job to get paid (or power trip) but a mission to help some of the most needy and misunderstood people around. Understand, friend?

See you know where :>)
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 5:07 PM

 Anonymous said...
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 6:10 PM

 Durango said...
Anonymous # Whatever, who shouts all in capital letters and who does not know the difference between council and counsel, if you don't behave yourself in a more civilized manner I won't be hitting the publish button on any more of your inflammatory comments.

If this Anonymous person is an example of the NUTJOBS Teresa Davis was dealing with in the TCMHMR, well, methinks there is way more rotten in this state of Denmark than I realized.
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 6:21 PM

 Clinic staff said...
Now isn't that better Anonymous? Your thought appears to be more focused. That's what therapists can produce..good results in that people have more control of themselves and thus can behave appropriately (and get the respect they deserve).

Now, we have to work on your reading focus: where's the part about "the ceo" in that comment? Is it a visual or auditory issue? maybe adjust the meds a little bit should help. Help with spelling and sentence construction as well.

There's still some delusional ideations such as your ability to read my mind and know how I feel. I did not "take the cake". I only ate it.

Does "rrespect" mean that you have extra respect for whoever this god-like ceo is? You may "need rrespect for the ceo", but as for me, no thanks. R-e-s-p-e-c-t is earned not imposed. Not in America. Not for this American.

Gotta work on self esteem issues. Respect yourself first.

Go right ahead and fulfill your "need to rrespect the ceo" if it helps you feel better.

You only are as small as you allow yourself to feel, my friend. And a ceo is only as big and powerful as you allow him/her to be.

"Ignorant" means one lacks knowledge. What was lacking in the comment. It sounds like a lot of useful and fact-based information, instead of silly and immature name calling that makes one seems even smaller minded.
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 6:41 PM

 Regime Changer said...
After reading everything and seeing the brief clip on wfaa where MHMR execs were acting like burglars caught redhanded instead of dignified public officials eager to share with taxpaying citizenry what good and proper things they were doing, I have noticed a few glaring things.
1. The lack of openness with the public/media about what and why they did this disruptive deed. Only people with something to hide acts this way.
2. Where's the CEO and his bosses the Trustees? MHMR employees and local supporters were shocked to see an ARMED security guard at the Trustees meeting --a rare and dangerous sight reminiscent of the autocrats actions across the world in the news when they knew the sleeping giant had awakened.
3. The quiet strength and decency of Teresa and the people who support her and her cause, which is in stark contrast to the MHMR leadership and the second rate "scabs" (that's what they're called when was growing up in upstate NY) they've installed to prop their propaganda that everything is the same, which is what invaders do after a coup.
4. The sense confidence and righteousness shown by the exiled group vs. the desperate and secretive (insiders call "fear") ways on the part of the bullying execs and their puppets. When people lack facts and righteousness they resort to personal attacks and defensive raves that miss the real issues.
5. Teresa is going to finally get the performamce
that she never got in almost ten years because these arrogant, lazy, and incompetent execs whose individual salaries is more than the grant MHMR gives this effective non-profit charity,which is a totally different organization than "businesses" ill-informed Anonymous commenters kept saying. Gotta know what you're talking about puppets
people because you'll be humiliated by knowledgible and reasonable people who read this blog.
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 9:47 PM

 Anonymous said...
Durango I wanted to say thanks for giving individuals a place to discuss issues. Sorry for the caps wbile typing.....I have new cell phone so learning tiny keyboard. I am use to typing on computer. Making corrections is easier. I realize that I am set in my ways and realize everyone is entitled to their own opinions. All the talking has not changed my views. Again......thanks. May Gods will be done.
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 11:05 PM

 John Q. said...
It is commendable that Anonymous has stepped back, taken a deep breath, reached the reasonable conclusion, and is taking this appropriate action to correct and explain their mistake/conduct, assuming this is really the same person of course.

In any event, this is the kind of attitude and action that MHMR executives and their overseers the Board of Trustees need to adopt. Like ASAP because the well-sourced people are saying that something BIG is about to drop on them very soon. And that no amount of ARMED SECURITY GUARDS can help.

The Star-Telegram and other so-called professional journalistic outlets will look foolish as they scramble to catch up on "reporting" a major story that they had chosen to ignore for whatever reason. Maybe this particular group of "the least of these" is not worthy or "sexy" enough for their time and attention.

But not you, Mr. Durango...this city's imported conscience and basic American values and priciples. Deeep in the buckle of the values-focused (thet's what they say, anyway) Bible Belt. May God help us all.
FEBRUARY 27, 2011 7:53 AM

 Mikey M. said...
Regarding Steve the lone ranger, knowledgible sources say that he's riding with a kick ass posse of supporters and getting a lot of help from MHMR-TC employees and affiliates who fed up with the bullying ways used by the CEO and his female chiefs.

The !assault on Teresa Davis as a person and a professional along with the breathtakingly ballsy but so-o-o idiotic forced occupation of the consumer-run Paradise Center were the last straw for many who had held their noses just because they were determined to help the people Teresa was helping.

There will probably be a mass rally today led by people who attended worship services this morning and are compelled to be the "salt and light" that Jesus was directing his disciples to be
NOT. This is Fort Worthless, you know.
FEBRUARY 27, 2011 11:50 AM

 MHMR Insider said...
I finally figured what has stuck in my craw, so to speak, about those shrill but silly Anonymous comments regarding Teresa's not wanting to be "accountable' to those "who sign her checks".

He/she makes the deceptive (or plain ignorant) point that Teresa did not want to be "accountable to people who sign her check". I'm not trying to be literal here, but when taxpayer funded government entities (not private businesses)and grants are involved, it matters not WHO "sign/s the check" because just like whoever sign checks for the President, congresspeople, and pet projects like the TRV boondoggle, rational people know that we the citizens are the ones "backing" those checks with our hard-earned taxes.

This faulty and deceptive view is the one that MHMR's brain trust has been arrogantly trying to pass (no pun intended). It's not a private business and these people work for us taxpayers and should be held accountable when they act like the money, properties, and authorities entrusted to their administration are actually theirs, to use as they wish to meet their own personal egos and agendas.

The second point is that Paradise Center apparently has an agreement or contract from MHMR to provide them with the most basic funds to to keep such an important organization going, which includes paying the salary of Teresa Davis and the off and on part-time help. If MHMR were acting in an aboveboard and respectful way they would simply give the grant in the form of cash money--write a check or hand over a bag of benjamins, as long as it's cash and handed over to paradise Center's leadership, like other organizations MHMR gives grants.

This controlling and demeaning approach reflects the disrespect MHMR have for those people with serious mental illness, their sugarly public statements about "consumer empowerment " and other platitudes notwithstanding.

The commenter also showed her/his deceptive and/or ignorant self by implying that the boxes of toilet papers and other sanitary products for the hundreds of people to use in the four bathrooms were for Teresa herself.

And shows their maturity and IQ further by taunting her "BOOHOO, YOU DIDN"T GET YOUR TOILET PAPER". Yes, Teresa almost cried because she felt so hurt for the poor PEOPLE that this immature and thuggish act was hurting. Her good relationship with and respect from clinic staff and community supporters resulted in staff sneaking out enough toilet papers until supporters brought in donated rolls.

That's the kind of people and classiness that is MHMR "leadership". Thanks, my craw is feeling better already. I and my colleagues 9and our craws, whatever they are) would feel alot better if the ceo and his cronies were swept out into the trashbin...or flushed down the toilet. Figuratively speaking...I think?
FEBRUARY 27, 2011 3:27 PM

 Anonymous said...
In reading a few of the comments there appears to be several people with anger issues. From Clinic staff to Mhmr insider to Ellen to John and several Anon's. List seems to go on and on. What is surprising the harshness of Clinic staff and Mhmr insiders. IF I had a family member who needed treatment I would not want to have them treated at whatever clinics or mhmrtc programs offered. Clinic staff does not respect the corporate level and corporate level seems to not have taken care of the problem in a effective way. Seems like a no win situation. Thank goodness my insurance covers private counselors if ever needed.
FEBRUARY 27, 2011 7:22 PM

 Happy Anger said...
huh. "Corporate level"? Did we miss something? What corporate level? The only things that come close to a corporation with "corporate levels" are the news and media outlets and Bravo Health Medicaid HMO.

The higher levels of the news corporations like the Startlegram appear to have the same imperious attitude as the MHMR ceo and execs in thinking that their own interests and power are more important than the public interest and the common good.

The problem with MHMR execs and even clinic level staff and caseworkers is that they forget that they are "public servants" who should striver to serve the public (i.e. We the People, whose taxes pay their salaries and perks). Not using their position of trust and authority to force the public to serve them!!

There must be a deep seated "corporate culture" (i.e. values shared by a group/corporate vs. individual) inside MHMR where people with mental illness are treated as below other people and thus deserving of disrespecful treatment.

Wonder why the Paradise Center folks were so motivated and determined to demand respect that they dared protest right in front of the ceo's poshe office tower? Because he and his bunch ignored their wishes and then tried to exploit them and their hard work.

A lot of people have started going to JPS for their mental health treatments, which makes sense because the teaching hospital has some of the best and most experienced psych docs. Plus, overall customer service and level of care have improved significantly after the crooked ceo and his cronies were tossed out a couple years after a similar scandal as the MHMR one...Paradise Center is just the tip of a larger iceburg in terms of problems in MHMR where they can't keep good staff and has to spend hundreds of thousands to advertise and recruit staff, esp. therapists and other front line workers.

Maybe those stuck working for MHMR have good reasons for being angry. Also, remember that the theme of Durango's post is "I'm angry as hell..."
FEBRUARY 27, 2011 11:25 PM

 Anonymous said...
Hey, what's the latest with this MHMR scandal?
MARCH 1, 2011 8:55 AM

 Anonymous said...
Paradise Center property has been moved now. It looks pretty bare in there. Clients looked down today when I stopped by to check on them. Due to schedule problems I can no longer volunteer. A few of them sitting at tables in front of snack bar said Clinic staff said the snack bar now closes at 1:00 p.m. They were told the could go to Randy Bee's Diner to eat. Very expensive place to eat. Most of the clients have very limited money. Ben had been acting out today. In clients best interest Ben should not be allowed to be a Peer Leader. He poked someone with a pool stick and followed another person to bathroom and pushed him as he was going into the bathroom. I feel Ben needs to be written up and if it continues not be allowed back. Only time will tell on what will happen to the clients left behind.
MARCH 3, 2011 10:13 PM

 Anonymous said...
Dangit all to heck!! Something's very wrong here, but the media has lost their tongue, or certain other body parts. When is some one going to demand that the truth is told and these poor little people get the proper treatment?
MARCH 4, 2011 4:25 PM

 Anonymous said...
Huge turnout today. Moods like they should be. Two of the new Peers spoke at clients weekly meeting. 25 people signed up for BBQ tomorrow. Laughter today among clients Everyone enjoyed Bingo. It will get back to normal.
MARCH 4, 2011 5:54 PM

 Concerned Parent said...
Does "huge" mean large number of people or whatever the heck "peers" are? Or does it mean the small number of individuals are large in mass and weight?

Either way, BRAVO b/c it's good to hear that the people are being treated like human beings again and not as "strays" or mental patients.

Is Durango invited to the "BBQ"? What about this leader called "Ben"? Has the Client Rights department been contacted about the behavior and incidents from Friday?
MARCH 5, 2011 7:49 AM

 Anonymous said...
Ben is a client of Mhmr who was suppose to be a good example and help with the daily running on the Center. He was given the title of Peer Leader. Recent weeks Ben has been mentally going downhill. He has been acting for several months. He recently was hospitalized for carrying knifes around and threatening people. Thursday he was literally either poking or pushing other clients. He got two months behind in rent. Currently his electricity is turned off. So he spends nite at his girlfriend Lisas apartment. No one has filed with any Patient Advocacy Person. I personally think he vould be better off in assisted living. That is just my opinion. Clients would love to spend time with Durango. He has been very supportive and given people a place to discuss the issues. He has been a good Advocacy person for Paraadise Center and also clients.
MARCH 6, 2011 4:58 PM

 Anonymous said...
Note to blog owner: For the confidentiality and protection of privacy for the clients is there a way in which you can review comments and redact the names of any clients that may be mentioned by any commentators? Thank you.
MARCH 7, 2011 9:57 AM

 Durango said...
Anonymous, the blog owner can only publish or not publish comments. There is no ability to edit comments. I do not believe and full names have been used except for Ms. Davis and the CEO of MHMR.
MARCH 7, 2011 10:11 AM

 Tarrant voter said...
That was a very interesting comment, question, and request don't you think Mr. Durango?

You think MHMR has certain people monitoring your site? They've shut Ms.Davis and the leaders of Paradise Center, then they've shut up MHMR employees. It could just be me, but it seems like they're trying to control your free speech as this lawyerish sounding commenter stated you're the owner BUT they're trying to control your content. Why? Because their Gestapo team cannot help but have noticed like the rest of us that their employees had crossed the line, policy wise and possibly legal wise.

As your most recent blogging pointed out, it's the cover up efforts that tells a lot and that usually get the perps into even deeper waters. Don't expect a life raft from here, you incompetent bureaucrats. Not after what you've done to "the least of these".
MARCH 7, 2011 7:12 PM

 Anonymous said...
Personally, I don't really know what is going on anymore. Haven't heard much on this issue or other issues anymore. Is the battle over?
MARCH 8, 2011 3:57 PM

 Anonymous said...
To answer your question, yep it's all over. Move along. There's nothing to see here.

Just FYI to all the fools and this blog owner, you think a handful of crazies and an unemployed (probably unemployable now) woman can win against a PhD. and a $100M government McDermott agency? Really?
MARCH 9, 2011 1:23 PM

 Vietnam Veteran said...
Up front, this little nobody ain't no PhD like the powerful king McDermott of MHMR. But I am a hard working American who pats his taxes so that people like them folks at paradise center could get the help they need and the dignity they deserve. I got an aunt living up north who has bipolar disorder so I can understand these folks' life condition and appreciate the value of a community center and organization like paradise.

Anyway, I'm writing because after mulling all the information over, I think I figured out why this ruler McDermott thought he could do all the despicable things that he did.

Just like most good bullies, abusers, and dictators, he chose his prey well and he presented himself as the most charming, smart, and even moral person around. The little woman serving those poor people obviously don't have much money or political allies. Even more, it finally hit me: these people have no close family ties to speak of, so therefore we haven't heard a peep from any family member speaking up for their loved ones. From what I could tell, Teresa Davis and her family was these people's family (accepted these outcasts as their own and spent time with them, in good and bad periods).

Perfect scenerio for a sociopathic abuse or exploitation. Or in this case, more like a brutal home invasion by thugs who tore up a weak little family because they, well, could. And were sure no one like you would sound the alarm and shine a spotlight on their crime.

I believe that regular Americans with some sense of decency still left in this area should pitch in and help these people out during their time of emergency. And show king McDermott and his cronies that we little nobodies united are more powerful than all his ill-gotten gains and crooked connections.

If the people in the Middle East can do it, why can't we Americans, the promoters of democracy, liberty, and human rights around the world?

For his thugs monitoring this blog, straighten up now or we the people will do it for you. Your tough words don't scared this old Vietnam Vet.
MARCH 10, 2011 7:46 AM

 Anonymous said...
I think in the old Paradise Center group it got down to staff being Co-Dependent toward their clients. It previous post that Teresa had her phone open 24/7. I have heard how much time Teresa and Steves daughter has spent at Paradise Center. Elizabeth should have been allowed to have a normal childhood. Not having to spend her vacations and holidays with mentally ill patients. It was stated patients have severe mental illness. If Elizabeth grows up to be normal it will be a miracle. Folks in all the post no one has shown any concern for Elizabeth. I being a parent myself have my own concerns for this grade schooler.
MARCH 11, 2011 9:00 PM

 Hypocrite Hater said...
WOW, MHMR lapdog hiding behind anonymous commenter on 03/11. Despite your obviously phony concern for this little girl, your contempt for PEOPLE afflicted with serious and disabling mental illnesses shine through like a laser beam from your dark heart...if there is one at all.

How desperate, vindictive, and twisted you are to try and attack a child now. Surely you have kept your child from these "psychos" in order to protect him/her from catching these contagious diseases. He/she would make a good replacement for the current MHMR-TC executives. Bravo for you, a person who makes money off of the very people you have such disdain for. Can you not get a job in another field? How sad for you, and ironic, that you can only get hired at MHMR-TC and forced to work with the inferior people who have so little regard for as human beings. Sweet irony and justice actually, you MHMR hypocrite.

Must not be too smart or much of a human being to feel and think this way.

I bet the clients avoid you like the plague, huh?
MARCH 16, 2011 12:12 AM

Elizabeth the extra normal kid :D said...
Hi I'm Elizabeth [the little girl].My dad is giving me permission to writ this letter and he is superviosing what I'm doing right now.

I agree with Hyprocrite Hater because a person cannot catch mental illness from being around people who i've been around my whole life.

Don't worry about me because my mother always asks me if I want to go volunteer at Paradise Center[so called the drop-in center now] and help the guys who are like my 2nd family.Sometimes I stay home with my dad or play with friends but most of the time I chose to go and help because I like to help people and those people like to be around a kid since almost all of them don't have kids of their own or know any body with a kid who's not afraid of them or look down on them because they're mentally ill.

I also help them with even the smallest things like taking someone home,shopping for the snack bar,or just going to visit my mom at work.

Until we adopted my dog Max 2 years ago the guys at paradise center call me they're mascot.

I don't have a normal childhood but that's the way I like it because I get to know peoples stories and learn about they're problems.Plus I'm learning that even an eight year old can do some thing tio help people have a better life.My mom might miss a reciatle or something but I know she missed it for a great cause.My parents say I'm more mature than my friends because of being around adults who care about me like I care about them.

For example I have a hole in my heart and one of the guys that I've known my whole life tries to win the lottery money for my surgery. THIS PART MAY MAKE YOU CRY BECAUSE IT JUST MADE MY DAD CRY.

By the way anonymous let's just Hope you're a normal person too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you all know ,adding people's names and then accusing them about doing something is just PLAIN WRONG!!GROW UP AND BE A NORMAL PERSON!
MARCH 16, 2011 10:34 AM


Anonymous said...

This little lady's intelligent and MATURE statement should put the MHMR attack dogs to shame and to tuck tail and run back to their master.

It's becoming obvious more and more that MHMR-TC and their people are messing with the wrong people. And are not much of a match in battles for hearts and minds. Not when they're choosing over and over to launch really distasteful and disgusting personal attacks over calmly dealing with substance.

Starting with what really happened and why.

former maintenance staff said...

I used to work in the MHMR mantenance department and can help the person makign the incinution about Theresa having her cell phone on 24/7. Whenever there was a breakin at the paradise center building Theresa and her family was there befor me. They werer usually around 2 or 3 oclock in the night and her and her family would finish talking to the police then stay for 2-3 hoiurs to clean up the broken glass and make sure things are ready to open the center up as normal.

The little jerk ceo is so errogan that he would ignore me and my coworkers when we ride in the same elavetor inside hulen tower. Like we don't exist or worth nothing to him even do were wearing mhmr uniforms.

If he would treet us like that, I beleive he did all the disrespecful things to paradice centre and Ms. Teresa who was always kind and respectful. TO EVERY BODY. every time because I can see and hear things when I did the maintenance jobs at the center or the clinic next door.

Oh yea, buddies of mine tell me MHMR bosses did take out all the high price kitchen aplliances last summer from that clinic building to make small offices for some new medicaid program.

This is very interesting becose things that didnt make sense to me before are now starting to be real clear.

DRED SCOTT said...

Regarding the comment by Happy Anger (WAY up on the list):

"There must be a deep seated 'corporate culture' (i.e. values shared by a group/corporate vs. individual) inside MHMR where people with mental illness are treated as below other people and thus deserving of disrespecful treatment."


Way down upon de Swanee Ribber...

I hope the quote is not seen as crass. Consider it, roll it around your head and find illumination.

Still -- that's really not the whole issue, is it? It is the money. M-E-D-I-C-A-I-D.

Gather them up. Put Fed bucks on their heads and auction them off.

Very sad.

El Paso Native said...

Theresa Davis HAD TO BE REMOVED BY FEB. 17 because continuing presence and ethical stance would likely destroy tens of millions of dollars that Bravo Health had already invested in setting up operations in the Tarrant Area (six counties-wide) as an hmo for the MEDICAID STAR+PLUS "created specifically for the aged, elderly, and disabled".

Her and the Paradise Center Boards' strong stance had already costed Bravo several million$ due to the state's Dept. of HHS issuing in late December a five month delay for Bravo to do buisness in Tarrant county area citing that they were "not operational ready". Hmmm.

Theresa Davis was terminated on 02/17/11. Bravo health was allowed to begin enrolling Medicaid patients on 03/17/11. Hmmmmm

You spot on DRED SCOTT, it's the M-O-N-E-Y. Money for MHMR, which means the ceo's puppets the Trustees will give fat bonuses and raises for the ceo and his team for "creative" financial dealings.

SURE LIKE TO SEE WHAT'S IN THEIR CONTRACTS. Like in the ceo of ElPaso's MHMR (see the many articles in the El Paso Times and their local tv news stations).

Anonymous said...

CEO, Jim McDermott made a executive decision that was Best for the MHMR clients ! People on Medicaid was put on the Star Plus program. Since HE IS the CEO we are Thankful he is watching out for what is best for "US".

Anonymous said...

So long, farewell.....It's time to move on! Blogging is not very productive. So it's time to move on to something that is productive !

Country boy said...

it looks to this simple country boy that that the socalled bullycrats and the cons are calling for a retreat. The truth and plain honest dealings appears to be JUST TOO MUCH , too much, for the lies, manipulation, and bullying perpetrated on "the least of these".

MHMR needs to increase the IQ and EQ of its leaders after this dirty bunch is tossed out on their beat up A$$$.

"Blogging is not very productive"=we can't win with the lies and lame (and shifting) "stories" about what happened and what basis they happened. Good luck finding some other victims, bullycrats cuz you've been exposed and tored up, as my grandpaw used to say.

Don T. said...

To the Con commenter: you mean Jim McDermott, the soon-to-be FORMER CEO of MHMR-that-needs-cleaning of Tarrant County.

How's this dude's damaging actions been his looking out for "the best interest of the clients"? Are you blind--to the facts and the truth? Come now, face reality.

Your valedictory statement is apropo for the day when YOUR CEO becomes our former CEO and past pain the pocketbooks of taxpayers...and that general anatomical location, too.

Bye, bye, bullycrats. Won't miss ya. At all.

Anonymous said...

It gave me the creeps reading the grammatically challenged "reports " from inside the facility that MHMR took by force. It reminds me of statements from onside the cult compounds of David Koresh and Jim Jones in their efforts to offer "reassuring" words to worried families and the public. Or a propaganda piece after a coup de tat. C.R.E.E.P.Y.