Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comment Problems & A Tiny Pool Table at the Former Paradise Center Location

The pool table in the picture is clearly only for illustrative purposes of showing a tiny pool table. It is not the tiny pool table in the former Paradise Center location.

To three of you Paradise Center Scandal Commenters I want to apologize for a problem I only discovered this morning.

I have the comments set to be published automatically, without me moderating them.

This morning I saw that there were 3 comments in the "Spam" folder. So, those 3 comments did not get published until this morning. The oldest of the previously un-published comments was from March 24.

A good comment came in this morning that got moderated and published on my Durango Texas blog, was a comment made to the post "Fort Worth's Paradise Center Scandal Now Has A Blog."

This is what Anonymous had to say (partly in reference to the MHMR con's propaganda about new furniture and the Paradise Center's alleged trashy furnishings)....

My clients tell me yeah, there is some new furniture--FOR THE BRAVO people and their offices. But still using Paradise Center's old (trashy??) couches and other things.

They stay outside because they don't like the attitude of the new staff (after reading here, wonder why?) and the way they treat them like children or people with mental retardation. The NEW but cheap and TINY pool table doesn't get used much because these adults (with no retardation issues) find it too small and insulting to put in a kids sized pool table for ADULTS.

And yes the heat is getting to them. The high cost of items in the snack bar is forcing many to walk blocks to get something they can afford.

And Ben said "those mean new a$$$ fired me from my job". That's what consumer-run Paradise Center offered, a sense of dignity for even old Ben, whose simple job of opening the front door was for him a meaningful volunteer job. The man used to be a success in the business field before his major illness and disabilities.

The CEO and his gals who destroyed so many lives need to pay for what they did.


This Ain't ElPaso said...

It should be an interesting week coming up. Wonder what's going to happen to Paradise people's pursuit of a facility, especially since it's been reported that MHMR-TC gave the consumer-run organization until the end of this month to reclaim their properties.

Will the powerful CEO and MHMR-TC and their powerful allies crush these Dignity fighters like Col. Gardaffi in Libya? Or will a coalition of liberty loving and dignity pursuing people and entities come in time to aid the small resistance group?

I could have never imagined that such a life and death situation would take place in the U.S. of A. In 2011. The resistance relying on the righteousness of their cause and utilizing the digital media like this blog to send out their S.O.S.

Libyan resistance got support in time. Will the American resistance group have such fortune?

Time will tell, but one sobering fact should be kept in mind...this is Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Enough said. Scary thought, though.

Sr. caseworker said...

I've seen the new place recently and it's as warm and welcoming as the sales offices at a car dealership. The pool table in question isn't as small as the one in your illustration. But it's definitely teenagers sized , new, and not very good quality...a must for the amount of use and the size of people using it.

Several of my clients who are African-American men have stayed away from this cold place, their words, because they feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed, despite a black female staff and a black peer leader. They report unspoken hostility and even condescension from those in charge, especially the sickly looking woman staff who used to be the erratic part time help and the guy with a constant scowl and who both seem to look and talk down to them (their descriptions in so many words).

Disrespect is a major issue for these men who try very hard to explain what and how Theresa and Paradise Center did to make them feel respected and belonged. The sadness in their faces and voices were hard to handle.

They keep holding on to the hope that Paradise will reopen very soon so they can resume the daily routine that both helped them and that they enjoyed.

Contrary to the Bravo-mhmr shills' representations on here, many couches, tables and chairs, etc. are still being used. The sickly looking woman and the scowling guy apparently were behind the removal of the outdoor benches to the clinic waiting outdoor pavilion because they don't like people who smoke to be near where they are.

So much for the HR woman's statement to the FW Weekly that nothing would change since it was "simply a personnel issue" and "change in management". I wouldn't trust this woman and her team with telling me the weather condition outside. D8sgustingly dishonest people.

Taxed to the Max said...

How come the comments from obvious MHMR employees are posted during the daytime hours? Are they being paid to monitor this and the Paradise Scandal blogs? Sickening to think that our tax payer dollars are going toward this. Most companies have strict internet access rules. What is MHMR's policy? Are they regulating what their employees are doing during work hours?

Anonymous said...

Good point Taxed2theMax. I've noticed that pattern as well. However, I've also noticed comments that mention a clear clamping down on employees' free speech. Which all kinda makes sense: the low-lelvel--and obviously jealous, angry, hateful,less educated, etc.--employees at the MHMR+Drop-in center either don't care about their policies or are directed to do their level best to serve as attack dogs on Paradiuse and Theresa.

It seems these MHMR-+Bravo Cons were supplied some info or tried their best with what they possess to research for personal things to smear and malign the Paradise Pros.

Now that the caseworker has indicated that a staff under the Paradise group is retained as a scap, it makes even more sense that she is the main source of the intimate details about people and activities that were the basis for the vicious personal attacks, not even sparing an innocent child and a hospitalized woman.

This person and her MHMR+Bravo bosses seem like a perfect match in terms of their views of people with mental illness, moral values, honesty/ethics, and professional competence. I pray for the very ill people who has no other choices but to go for help at this government agency (i.e. out taxes pay for just about everything).

Too bad a seemingly reputable HMO Bravo Health is dragged down by their association with these people running MHMR right now. Ironically, Bravo IS SUPPOSED TO BE one of such "choices" in accessing needed healthcare for these folks.

Too bad they also got infected by McDermott-itus.

Anonymous said...

A voice of reason:
1. I have been to 505 S. Jennings within the past few weeks and I've seen the new pool table.  I didn't measure it but it "looks" like it is full size and reasonable quality.
 2. I'm not sure exactly who can and can't go inside (or look through the door) but I think anyone can go there to at least ask about using the facilities or "becoming a member" (if that's the right terminology) and see the pool table, furniture, etc for themselves as I did.
3. Because the picture of the kiddie-size pool table is not accurate, it should be removed and replaced with an accurate representation. Otherwise, the accuracy of ALL the other posts on this informative site will be called into question by those who are opposed to the view point that this site wants to present.
  Exaggerations will not help -- and Paradise Center, Inc. (the Board, Members & Executive Director) deserves all the help they can get as they recover from this set back.
FYI: I'm posting this around 12:45pm. The timestamp of my other posts have been 2 hours earlier than the actual time.

Anonymous PRO said...

So give the pictures to the blog owner, " a voice of reason". Speaking of, what reason/s would you have for being "to 505 S. Jennings within the past few weeks" to know so much intimate details??

Take your time and come up with something good, okay. Or entertain us readers like all the other lame comments by the MHMR-Bravo cons.

You know some things are just so obviously meant as not-literal that your point #3 is really REALLY silly --and curiously similar to other logic and argument in comments from the more literacy-challenged MHMR cons.

#2 also doesn't pass the middle school logic test...unless you come up with a very good answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this comment. You've had free access yet you claim that you don't know how the matter of entry into that little place works. Come on, now.

From my and other people's perspective on here (and off line), the Paradise center folks have suffered as the direct result of their being prey and victims of little jimmy mac and his crew. The only "set back" to speak of is the emotional and legal damages that they had endured, and quite admirably I must say.

It has not been "exaggerations" that have helped these people have the upper hand in the court-of-public opinion. It's been exposure of the facts and the WHOLE truth that has made it obvious who the perps were and who their victims/preys were.

The red herring that you presented about the obviously spoofy picture causing "ALL the other posts ....will be called into question" is pretty funny, I gotta say. Got some giggles from people in the office and texts. Thanks, we needed that.

Keep trying, though. If after the 20th time you don't succedd, try and try again...until there's a trial? or depositions even?

It seems kinda obvious that it's the ceo, his so called gals, Trustees, NAMI of Tarrant County, and the other local officials who had suffered major set backs and need to work very hard to recover whatever public confidence and trust remains after the disclosure of the abusive details of this contemptible scandal.

Odd that you need to explain when you had posted this comments...AFTER someone had pointed out yesterday that the Cons' comments seem to occur during regular business hours.

Hmmm. Things can seem so perplexing and then they become rather simple after just a little l exercise of helpful little observations from other angles.

Taxed to the Max said...

I've been going back over the comments, trying to figure out what it is that's tickling my brain. I think I've got it. We've heard from Teresa Davis and the "peer leaders". We've heard from the Board president, Linda G. We've seen the emails from the MHMR execs. But there's a name that keeps popping up, but I can't find any comments by her: Lynne Curran. Somebody help me out. I'm trying to fit all the pieces together here, and I thought someone would have pointed this out by now. It's as plain as the nose on my face: she's gotta be either daft and unaware of this blog (fat chance) or she's behind alot of the mean-spirited comments. I did some tracking through the blogs, back to 2/18. Looks like she was Teresa Davis' assistant at Paradise Center BUT she stayed with MHMR. How come nobody's commenting on that? I can guarantee you right now that the MHMR folks would be throwing around words like "disloyal," "benedict arnold," and "snake in the grass," if the situation was reversed. So, I know I'm not the only one following this with my favorite bedtime snack and milk. What gives? Where is he former "faithful" assistant? Did she stay because Paradise Center didn't want her? Or is there another reason??? Bring it, Durango.

Anonymous said...

Well did the MHMR con-menter provide you with any pictures, preferably a genuine photographic one, bloggerman?

Or was this MHMR-TC shill's con job exposed for the dishonesty that's apparently the MHMR Way?
Hey MHMR cons, when you "spin" so much, you'll trip and fall like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Well thongs are a bout perfect at the shiny new drop in center. New water fontaIn and new coat of paint. Happy times!!

Lynn is our new name places awesome leader. She was held down by Teresa Davis and her so c!lled leaders of the consumer run Paradise Center. Now that she's allowed to be free and use her awesome talents, the place isCLEAN, from the furniture to the peer leaders. No more junky used donations. First classDr. McDermott way all the way. Healtyhy food, NP smoking, and no ghetto peple and thejr loud stuff allowed inside. Peaceful and clean. Right type of peer leader Kevin will make sure it stays that way. This awesome executive woman will soon run the clinic....and the sky's the limit. She's AWESOME.

McDermott Klan?? said...

There is a distinct sense of superiority, and even racism, from these low life MHMR employees and their incompetent bosses. Is it just me being overly sensitive?

"Trash", "ghetto", "classy","right kind of people",etc. ??? Kkk has a chapter inside MHMR-TC or something? ??

Anonymous said...

Well, regarding what was carried in my Steve, Teresa Davis's husband. Alot of "dumpster digging items he brought in to the old Paradise Center, and he would get out tape, etc to try and use it.

A few days before Paradise Center moved out, Steve was busy cleaning out Teresa's office. It looked like a "pig pen" in there! Also, alot of stuff was brought out of the back room that peers went through "claiming as their own!" One thing I noticed Teresa let her "select group" get the best out before anyone had a chance to see it. After they went through stuff it was carried out to take to someplace like Union Gospel.

They were definitely organized when they moved out. Too bad Jim McDermont didn't see Teresa's office and other areas before they decided to clean. Only God knows what Teresa and Steve's home looks like.

At the new Drop In Center clients are treated like Men and Women and not referred to as Disabled Adult Children as was posted on Durango blog at this beginning of this.

The eyes of Texas r upon YOU said...

well look who still has a need to take sladerous shots at teresa's family, the two-faced dark hearted and lazy incompetent b**** herself ms. awesome. you keep on slandering these people and they could clean out whatever money you and your mr. olympain husband have left. off your meds or r your new mhmr masters working your lazy tail too much. no more erratic schedule, claiming your mental illness is acting up, or sneaking off to spend hours checking your ugly facebook crap on your laptop, huh? paradise didn't move out, dumb mhmr bravo tech, you helped that sissy ceo and his incumpetant gals in the coup, remmember, what ru taking now to make your brain this mushy. steve has done more for paradise as a volunteer than all the hours you collected money from taxpayers by writing down you worked, you lazy a*** psycho. that sissy a*** McDummy would be scared to face off with Steve , he was too scared of just facing off with Teresa alone, had to have his weeny lawyer and submissive gals laying in wait. you just be careful with how you talk to those african american people and visitors before your face gets slapped uglier than it is. Zurie says hi. why ru so jealous and hateful of teresa who has saved your sorry a*** many many times over? is it because you couldn't fit in with her professional friends whos's education and experience would make your mhmr girly chiefs look like the tech ur. don't worry about teresa's home (or you should for slandering her)you jest worry about the clutter in your brain and the darkness in your dark heart. you need God in your miserable life because ur in sad shape to act like such a lowlife attacking a innocent child and even a sickly woman in the hospital. not sure God can even help you at this point, your soulless ho. just take your meds and watch your back and any cash because you're working with a hard core x-con, you probably dont even know it because you never around much or think ur too good to talk to people. better keep looking for that missing money. whatever conscennts you have left is probly keeping you up at night. pray and confes your sins instead of writing your hateful and slander against people BY NAME. how stupid can you get? ur awesome all right until those mhmr criminals fire your lazy a** or you crash. UR a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I heard bout U said...

God and everybody who knows you already know what a two-faced (2x the homeliness! !) backstabbing and lazy excuse for a person you are. You're pathetic, more so now without the patience and support from Teresa, the person your slandering now. You must not have been raised properly to be such a sad excuse for an adult.

Have you seen what YOUR wussy ceo do when face to face with Steve or Teresa? Let's just say we only get to see his backside, you know the cold stanky place you've been hiding out the past several weeks. Pathetic.

nami mommy said...

ThisLynn person on one twisted soul. Sociopath without a conscience. Not too smart either to launch personal attacks against people by name and without any regard for their health or age. Glad I don't know you and no one from my family has to be around your nasty self. No wonder you 're stick working as a lowly mhmr slave girl. You couldn't cut at a fast food place with your lack of work ethics and penchant for acting out your borderline personality disorder traits. But you should fit in fine with the sociopaths running mhmr .....into the ground! ! Sorry for you....and anyone who has to be around you.

Anonymous said...

Dumb mhmr slave girl is still at it. I have asked Steve to pick up certain items left at my rent houses to donate yo Paradise thrift store or larger items that the many men members could fix up with glue or screws just so they feel productive. I'm an old man so I understand very well these men's need to do something with their hands besides playing pool or table games. This crazy hag doesn't know what she's talking. But yea keep lying and making up stuff because as my parents used to say you're showing your ass when you do stupid stuff like besmirching someone's good name and reputation.

Why don't you say good things about yourself besides your awesome. You gotta have one or two redeeming traits. Don't ya, mhmr con??

And learn from your mhmr masters: after they get caught lying so many times these dummies at least have enough sense to hide their cowardly asses.

Word of advice, if you don't know what you're talking about then keep your trap shut instead of lying and making up stuff because you only show your ass even more.

clinical staff said...

This Lynne character sounds like a sociopath , maybe with borderline personality disorder that no meds' !available to treat at this time. She is very erratic, in work schedule and quality as wel/ as mental stability.

You didn't know people at the main clinic building watch and talk about you?? Really. Get a clue and cut out all the BS. Rational people can see right through your facade, scab girl.

We laugh at you three stoogettes bumbling around the Bravo area, especially funny when you try to find the missing money.Hilarious!!

Hulen Tower girl said...

This chick wasn't absent so much due to her mental health issues. SHE WAS PLOTTING AND PLANNING WITH MHNMR EXECS to take down Theresa Davis AFTER the deputy CEO of Youtube fame failed in early Jan.2011 to force Theresa to agree to their lies about Paradise Center Inc.

It wasn't a mental problem for her, it was a "heart" know the kind that no doctors can help with. Again, the incompetence of these mhmr execs shined through because they believed and put their trust in this woman who had worked so little and therefore knew so few of the members of paradise center and their operational system that she was the slamdunk that flopped once the coup took place.

The girl knew only tidbits and even had made enemies of clients and clinic staff over her short time there to make her useless as the "replacement" for the so called personnel issue (big ass lie by the HR chief to FW Weekly and wfaa).

The best this chick could offer was partial pieces of personal info about Theresa and her family, both the first and second ones, which were clumsily used to try and degrade and demoralize what some of us in mhmr-tc call the Resistance.

That's the explanation for her many absences prior to the coup detat. And her hostile attitude and suspicious behavior that some consumers had noted in retrospect. She was a backstabbing witch..and still is trying now. Sad. We're glad she's being exposed for her wickedness and betrayal. The execs will toss her aside after her usefulness is over. Watch and see. These people operate this way for a very l-o-o-ong time. Too long, really.

Anonymous said...

Man this thing is really like a soap opera, with betrayal, bullying,lies, treachery,manipulation, money, politics, vicious personal attacks and all. Who needs daytime soap when it's all right here.

Anonymous said...

Trying to make a person seem bad, even evil, for GIVING donated items to a poor charity? Really?

I must be guilty of a similar crime because I donate used and worn items of every kind to various charities....often and for years.

If MHMR and their little ceo cared at all about what they claim was "an MHMR program", why didn't they use a few thousand dollars from the $100+million in annual taxpayer funded budget so the mentally ill people could have a decent place to use??

I'm almost convinced beyond a doubt that what the

"pros" and Paradise folks have said are in fact truthful, making what the shrilly MHR cons say....partly truthful at best, which is usually an attempt to deceive or just plain ignorance of the facts or disregard for the truth and facts.

Mrs. Soprano said...

Agreed Smiling Tony was the one commenting about being to and inside the drop-in center several times during the past few weeks. Employees in certain depts. at hulen tower know about you, and your scheming way Anthony. Since last summer. Nothing to smile about what you're doing and who youre hurting, bud.

Concerned Sister said...

What happened to the anonymous commenter who makes everyone smile??

Did s/he get back in the closet with J.R. , mhmr leadership , and the politicians? ?

This fact makes me not smile.

Guess who said...

hey tony the smile parente, that lynn chick aint that happy with you. she's just putting on a good face to keep the paycheck coming but she's been telling people what an arrogant **** and crazy person you are. so much for your spin about you two nuts being a great team, huh? plus her husband aint to much into your kind either. just like those male african-american clients; better watch how you talk to them. smile.

Anonymous said...

Tony Parente and his mhmr gangsta bosses sure have given people some good chuckles. The obvious lies and the goofy attempts to cover up afterwards were both sad and rather comical.

Hulen Tower Pros said...

It looks like Tony and Lynn got "outed" by their mhmr puppetmasters. You two clients may believe the b.s. those manipulators have been feeding you about how important you are and all, but the truth is they're using you for their own purposes.

You're no "manager" to them. You are the mental patients who are well enough for them to use as "peer leaders", meaning you're the leaders of your peers , the very disabled people with mental illness that they're trying to profit off through Medicaid.


In a way many of us feel bad for you since your abusive behavior is the result of manipulation by the mhmr executives in the hot seats right now.

Still, mental illness is not an excuse for nasty words and destructive actions.