Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Paradise Center Scandal De Facto VOICE of Tarrant County Advocacy

Several concerned citizens have been sending material to the Paradise Center Scandal blog, starting the day the scandal erupted into full SCANDAL mode on February 17.

Apparently the new MHMR Drop-In Center has been having only around 30 former Paradise Center consumers drop-in daily. Some of those who have dropped in have been very upset over the changes. 

This morning I learned what NAMI is. Yesterday I was asked why NAMI was not involved in helping the Paradise Center recover from the MHMR-TC coup d'tat. Apparently there is a Tarrant County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I've been told I will soon be sent photos documenting the current sad state of the former site of the Paradise Center.

The email below was part of some of the incoming Paradise Center info this morning. This email comes from someone in the NAMI organization outside of Tarrant County. It is from this email I learned that the Paradise Center Scandal blog is the de facto voice of advocacy in this county.

Dear Paradise Center,

We appreciated you letting us know about the scandal in Tarrant County. It is very disturbing, to say the least.

We're not exactly sure why your local NAMI chapter has chosen to do, or not do, what it did in relation to the clear wrongs perpetrated on your consumer-run  nonprofit organization.  Groups like yours are so few and valuable to the consumers, their families, and the whole community itself.  And they are the most satisfying results of our grassroots organization's efforts on various fronts.

What happened to your group in Tarrant County is indeed a major step back for consumer empowerment and advancements against the destigmatization of the mentally ill.

Since each chapter is an independent affiliate, we will what we can in our limited power as a fellow chapter to help right this wrong before your groups suffers any more.

Please know that we think and pray for you all.

Sincerely, J. B.

P.S. We've followed the blog.  Tell the blogger that it's been very helpful and effective in helping understand the facts and circumstances surrounding this troubling matter.  We'd make him an honorary member if we could because his blog has been the de facto VOICE of Advocacy in your county. We'll check at the next convention.

National Alliance on Mental Illness


Ebony NAMI said...

Well said, commenter J.B. The news of this scandal is spreading across Texas and even crossing state lines. The Board of Directors of the local NAMI affiliate needs to explain themselves. And quickly because their silence is way too similar to the deafening silence coming from these bullycrats (love how creative you guys are here).

Does the phrase "Never again" ring a bell with anyone associated with NAMI of Tarrant county, Texas?

For some of us in the older generation, it's no longer just keeping our "eyes on the Prize" but keeping our hands holding the Prize firmly while keeping a watchful eye for those whose greed and recklessness threaten the loss of our hard fought Prize.

So many years of hard work could be lost in one simple act of carelessness, even betrayal.

nami family said...

We were misled and sold a bill of cover up some very bad things by very wicked individuals. We shouldn't have believed them.

, no more trust or confidence in CEO & cronies. Owe Teresa and Paradise major apologies.

nami family said...

Seems the leading cause of nami losing its voice and advocacy are due to two couples who seem awefully tight with the mhmr Creepy Exec. Off. and a few "nami oldies" who always fall for the phony charm and impressed by the "Dr." title. They don't represent the whole membership. Follow the M-O-N-E-Y, folks.

NAMI-NOT- of Tarrant County said...

In Tarrant County, N.A.M.I. apparently stands for N.eutral A.lways when M.oney is I.nvolved.

What a shame. Someone from the state or national office should investigate this chapter's aiding and abetting of the MHMR-TC bullycrats.

Wonder if the submissive attitude and subservient actions of NAMI-TC when dealing with the Cheating Executive Officer and MHMR that gave these bureaucratic thugs the conviction that they could just walk all over an independent nonprofit corporation? Like they've been doing with NAMI of Tarrant County.

They should be thrown out the same time that these bully-crats get tossed out on their tails.

Rebel MHMR-TC staff said...

NAMI of Tarrant County used to be a strong advocate of the needs and dignity of people living with mental illness. Not too long ago, this chapter of a nationally respected organization would been all in little Jimmy McD's face about things less contemptible than what he did, and is doing, to this mental health consumer group.

Now Nami of Tarrant county is all up this bullycrat's ass just because he gave them (from scarce tax revenues NOT from his own pocket) tens of thousands of dollars each year, especially THIS PAST OCTOBER when MHMR-TC and their for-profit business partner Bravo Health Medicaid HMO contributed almost 50% of the NAMI Walks fundraiser that brought in almost $100,000.00

Just follow the money trail for explanations to issues and questions from this major scandal.

Nami member said...

We hear that one particular NAMI Board member is behind this dastardly scandal. She's awefully close to Jim McDermott and has been acting as his voice, eyes, and ears. She spies and sabotages against the Paradise group FOR her chum McDermott. Wonder what these two have going on to explain such behavior?? Many of us haven't said much but that doesn't we're blind.

Dallas co. NAMI family said...

Many of the families who are duepaying members of Nami of Tarrant county have reported being misled by this McDermott thug and his lapdogs on the NAMI board. All the lies and deception are being exposed, thanks to your website.

Tarrant chapter is a rogue group that doesn't represent the real NAMI. Not when they place their concern for money above their mission.

Last Resort Provider's Rival said...

I find this all very interesting. What would it take for, say, the D.A. to take action and investigate? Or for the Commissioners to open an investigation? When the PROVIDER OF LAST RESORT decides they want to be the PROVIDER OF FIRST CHOICE, someone needs to look very closely and follow the money. The way that the State MHMR is set up is for each County Center to seek qualified contractors for the services to those they serve. So why does MHMR think they can do this better than the orgnaization that was doing it? Sounds like there is NO oversight at MHMR. Some people who've been in power a long time are just able to do what they want, how they want, when they want. WHO WILL TAKE THIS ON? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?

Anonymous said...

You whining losers keep on asking your same questions over and over but you're wasting your time because the all powerful Dr. McDermott OWNS the county government, which includes the county judge, the commissioners court, and the DA's office. Knowledge may be power, but it ain't as powerful as M.O.N.E.Y.

And the good doctor has plenty of money, especially with that piggybank called MHMR Visions. Go ahead and waste your time reading this puny ass blog and asking your puny ass questions if you want ...and since you don't have a life. Dr. McDermott and friends are in the clear now, only three weeks left before Bravo starts billing Medicaid,and are laughing their way to the b.a.n.k.

Later, losers.

Anonymous said...

NAMI of Tarrant County, your moral compass was found near the dumpster of the Rainbow Lounge. Want it back? It's pretty messed up and smells like McDuhh'$ a****.

Rainbow lounger said...

Anonymous, what a funny and gross mental picture you've left in my mind. True that!!

Anonymous said...

As the de facto VOICE of advocacy FOR people with serious mental illness, please help us understand why MHMR's caseworkers have been pushing their clients to switch HMO providers from Amerigroup to Bravo??

Why now? And why Bravo over what appears to be an even better deal in staying with Amerigroup?

Should the"local mental health AUTHORITY" be pushing such a one-sided choice of Medicaid Star+ providers? Is there no conflict of interest in this action?