Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elizabeth Puts It All In Perspective For You Regarding The Paradise Center Scandal

That is Elizabeth in the picture, standing in her front yard, on Carter Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

Elizabeth was put through a lot of trauma courtesy of the City of Fort Worth and their cohorts known as Chesapeake Energy.

Trauma in the form of intimidation raids on Elizabeth's home, due to her dad's fight to keep Elizabeth's home safe from having a non-odorized natural gas pipeline run under it.

Seeing your house raided would be hard on the heart of anyone. It was particularly hard on Elizabeth.

Because Elizabeth has a hole in her heart in need of an operation.

Even though Elizabeth has a hole in her heart, she has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever come in contact with. I think Elizabeth is something like 8 years old going on 40. As in, wise way beyond her years.

I was appalled a couple weeks ago when some Anonymous MHMRer brought Elizabeth into the Paradise Center Scandal discussion. When I saw that Anonymous comment my first instinct was to not publish it. But then I realized that this particular comment was indicative of just how ugly the MHMR bullycrats were.

And so I published it.

You can read the Anonymous MHMR lackey comment below, followed by a Hypocrite Hater's comment. Then followed by what Elizabeth had to say.......

Anonymous said...

I think in the old Paradise Center group it got down to staff being Co-Dependent toward their clients. It previous post that Teresa had her phone open 24/7. I have heard how much time Teresa and Steves daughter has spent at Paradise Center. Elizabeth should have been allowed to have a normal childhood. Not having to spend her vacations and holidays with mentally ill patients. It was stated patients have severe mental illness. If Elizabeth grows up to be normal it will be a miracle. Folks in all the post no one has shown any concern for Elizabeth. I being a parent myself have my own concerns for this grade schooler.

Hypocrite Hater said...

WOW, MHMR lapdog hiding behind anonymous commenter on 03/11. Despite your obviously phony concern for this little girl, your contempt for PEOPLE afflicted with serious and disabling mental illnesses shine through like a laser beam from your dark heart...if there is one at all.

How desperate, vindictive, and twisted you are to try and attack a child now. Surely you have kept your child from these "psychos" in order to protect him/her from catching these contagious diseases. He/she would make a good replacement for the current MHMR-TC executives. Bravo for you, a person who makes money off of the very people you have such disdain for. Can you not get a job in another field? How sad for you, and ironic, that you can only get hired at MHMR-TC and forced to work with the inferior people who have so little regard for as human beings. Sweet irony and justice actually, you MHMR hypocrite.

Elizabeth, the extra normal kid said...

Hi, I'm Elizabeth [the little girl ]. My dad is giving me permission to write this letter and he is supervising what I'm doing right now.

I agree with Hyprocrite Hater because a person cannot catch mental illness from being around people who i've been around my whole life.

Don't worry about me because my mother always asks me if I want to go volunteer at Paradise Center [so called, the drop-in center, now] and help the guys who are like my 2nd family. Sometimes I stay home with my dad or play with friends, but most of the time I chose to go and help because I like to help people and those people like to be around a kid since almost all of them don't have kids of their own or know anybody with a kid who's not afraid of them or look down on them because they're mentally ill.

I also help them with even the smallest things like taking someone home, shopping for the snack bar, or just going to visit my mom at work.

Until we adopted my dog, Max,  2 years ago,  the guys at Paradise Center called me their mascot.

I don't have a normal childhood, but that's the way I like it, because I get to know people's stories and learn about their problems. Plus I'm learning that even an eight year old can do something to help people have a better life. My mom might miss a recital, or something, but I know she missed it for a great cause. My parents say I'm more mature than my friends because of being around adults who care about me, like I care about them.

For example I have a hole in my heart and one of the guys that I've known my whole life tries to win the lottery money for my surgery. THIS PART MAY MAKE YOU CRY BECAUSE IT JUST MADE MY DAD CRY.

By the way, anonymous, let's just Hope you're a normal person too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you all know, adding people's names and then accusing them about doing something is just PLAIN WRONG!! GROW UP AND BE A NORMAL PERSON!


Earl Y. said...

I think that little Elizabeth shows the true American spirit and the "heart" of those brave people struggling to live while dealing with the burden of these dang severely disabling mental diseases.

She and her parents don't sound like mean or even aggressive people. They seem like people with clear principles and work real hard with a purpose to help other people. I guess because of these qualities, they will take a firm stance when they see others bullied and fight back when they themselves are attacked. Even then, they seem to display respect, lack of hatred, and--well--class.

Those are characteristics that are developed over years through intentional training and living. And can't be bought or put on for show, at least not for long because reasonable people can see through phony-ness.

You keep on being who you are, Elizabeth, because you are an example that this MHMR attack dog's child and other children can and should follow. God bless you, little lady.

God bless you as Mr. Durango for being the kind of adult and citizen that Elizabeth and others can emulate in terms of being a good American citizen doing what is right.

Good will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Just bout every memebrs of the Paradice Center love Elisabeth, sence she was a baby honerary member. She is kind to and help alot. She help me reed some letter too. Shes just like her mama Theresa and daddy. Good folks.

ERA NOW said...

Sounds like a future Wendy Davis, the Texas State Senator.

Or even a potential Dr. Condaleeza Rice, former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, with her multiple talents and humanitarian bent.

Major contrast to all those female MHMR-TC executives whose behavior in this scandal is a major embarassment to women everywhere. And a major setback for the rights and opportunities that my generation fought like hell to have in place now.

How do you live with yourselves knowing that you betray your own gender and your inherent female instincts as mothers: protecting the weak and vulnerable from harm and bullies?

You must have confused abuse-of-power, probably from your little ceo man, with empowerment, girls.

By unquestioningly following this little guy's foolish orders, you've been made to look like more of fools than the real one hiding behind your expensive executive outfits.

Stand up to this girly man while there's still time. Do it for yourselves, if not for women who paved the way AND for smart little girls like Elizabeth (or your own daughters and granddaughters). WOMAN UP!!

My kids' mom said...

It is INTERESTING that this powerful CEO has mostly women on his executive team. On the one hand hand it could be a display of his enlightened and progressive outlook in the work force.

On the other hand, it could be that an insecure person in the position of CEO wants people who are weaker and not as smart as him because HE WANTS TO PROJECT THE IMAGE OF THE ALPHA MALE.

Based on his sissy ways throughout all this scandal, I'm gonna go with hand #2.

"Woman up" is right, ladies of MHMR-TC. But when? When it's too late?

Anonymous said...

Wishing you well Elizabeth. The other side is making decision to not continue blogging. It is kind of non productive for either side.

So praying for you and your family. Hoping that your issues get resolved quickly.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when good people come together and speak the truth, Elizabeth? Just like the bullies at your school--they're everywhere and all ages/sexes/races--they R-U-N away when people UNITE against their evil ways.

We bet you wish them well with their future and "issues" (legal, mental, etc.) after MHMR too.