Monday, August 8, 2011

The Paradise Center's Elizabeth

That is Elizabeth holding a couple of her many awards. Those of us who have been following the Paradise Center Scandal have read about Elizabeth. And her mom, Teresa, and dad, Steve.

The bad people who committed the dirty deeds that erupted into the Paradise Center Scandal counted,, among their dirty deeds attacking Teresa's parenting of Elizabeth.

Today I heard some good news from Anonymous about Elizabeth. I have been unable to confirm the good news, but I suspect it is true.

This is what Anonymous had to say...

I was told by a sweet couple that go to Paradise Center that Elizabeth had a procedure at Childrens Hospital in Dallas to repair the hole in her heart. Broadway Baptist is praying for her. Let's keep her in our prayers.

I talked to Elizabeth when CatsPaw and I visited Paradise Center last month. What a cute, sweet, smart little girl Teresa and Steve have raised. Let's keep Elizabeth and her mom and dad, and her Paradise Center family in our prayers.


Teresa said...

Mr. Durango,

This is Teresa, Elizabeth's mom. Her surgery had been scheduled tentatively since January. We have had a firm date since early April.

I want to make sure that everyone remembers that this hubub about her heart condition started because she responded to something someone said on the blog.

She wrote (with our permission) about Mr. D., one of the members who has known her since her birth, who let me know that he plays the lottery when the prizes are really large so he can win and help pay for Elizabeth's surgery. I discouraged him from this many times. It was his way of saying that he wanted to do something to help us, as we have helped him.

When he was homeless for 2 years, carrying his possessions in a black garbage bag, with no money or food, we were there for him. And I think that coming to Paradise Center, being "normal" and interacting with my baby daugher, helped give him hope for his own future. (I can't wait for the comments about how awful I am to let a HOMELESS MAN around my infant.)

Regarding her surgery, she insists we call it "a procedure". Less scary for her, but actually more accurate. The evening of the "procedure", she was up, playing charades with visiting friends, and even tap dancing. Everything went smoothly, the doctor and all of the staff at Children's Medical were amazing, and we are all so happy to have that hurdle behind us. She doesn't even have one stitch on her body. Amazing!

Thank you for your concern and well wishes,

Teresa Davis
Paradise Center, Inc.
friends helping friends in mental health recovery

Joe said...

Dallas' Children Medical is world-class, the staff physicians train other doctors from all over the world as part of increasing their own skills and learning cutting-edge practices from this local gem. Cook's Children in FW is good, but still has a long ways to be in the same class as Dallas Children's.

And such a procedure require months if not years of monitoring and preparation for the appropriate time when the intervention is performed.

Thank God for the positive results and for the advances in science and technology.

nami mommy said...

Good news for Elizabeth and her second family Paradise Center, but things aren't going too well for perps in the form of MHMRTC, BRAVO Health's Medicaid program in the 6-county Tarrant Service Area, and NAMI-TC. Not many people ever switched to BRAVO after the HMO was taken off suspension by the state...a very short time after the sacking of Teresa Davis and the coup of Paradise Center by the McDermott gang. Melissa Gibbons, NAMI-'s former President and the current paid NAMIWalks coordinator, has been sending out "URGENT" emails and other communications to trump up the Walk that was projected to raise $100K, a good percentage of it going to pay her. For some reason BRAVO is not even a sponsor of the Walk this year. BUT MHMR-TC AND ITS EXECUTIVES A ALL OVER THIS WALK.

Maybe McDermott really does own this local advocacy organization.

Retired Nurse said...

How humiliating for the MHMR+McDermott gang to attack this family so viciously and relentlessly only to have the truth prove the obvious. Again.

Go Lizzy!! said...

Good point, Retired Nurse. Elizabeth comes from a pretty athletic family and is herself an All-Star in sports she has participated in so far. So it would make perfect sense for her parents (and her coaches and teammates/friends) to monitor her heart condition carefully . And when necessary and appropriate, take appropriate actions.

The vicious and malicious attacks and threats by the mhmr group against her and her family are beneath contempt and speak volumes about those people's moral bankrupcy and legal problems.

We look forward to seeing Elizabeth return to the ball fields and continue to be the good player and person that her parents have been doing their best to raise. Wish we could say the same for the mhmr gang.

Nearby NAMI said...

What has happened, besides this humiliating news regarding Elizabeth, to cause the MHMR junkyard dogs from barking all the lies and slanderous stuff about this little girl and her family? Did MHMR finally get a real competent lawyer who told them to shut their traps before they dig themselves deeper in the hole they're in right now? Because we doubt it's driven by morality, ethics, or basic human decency.

Guelma said...

That little innocent child is a cutie. And apparently a bright and kind person as well. The way she's going, and with her intellectual pedigree, she'll have little trouble earning an M.D., JD, or even a Ph.D. BTW, what and from where did that sly devil Jimbo McDermott get his Ph.d.anyway? Sly and elusive little devil, that bullycrat.

Anonymous said...

Smart kid. Good family. Solid moral and civic foundation. Definitely not mhmr type qualities. Too bad she and her family are stuck living in this corrupt and corrupting area of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this little girl is too busy being a kid and attending elementary school OR else she might learn enough about the law to sue the pants --and skirts, or both--off those lying and slanderous mhmr gangsters.

These thugs must be held accountable for the inflictions of emotional and other injuries that they had perpetrated on Elizabeth and her family. Both her primary family and what she calls her second family. Both intentionally and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that there was a holiday picture postcard from last year that showed a great picture of Elizabeth and her dad each enveloped in the American and Texas flags with the snow storm as a Backdrop. Do you have a copy of it that you could share? Much obliged, pardner.