Monday, June 6, 2011

A Compilation of Recent Paradise Center Scandal Comments

We've not done a Paradise Center Scandal Comments Compilation since May 18.

Since the start of June the comments have turned even nastier, with the nastiness emanating, as it has from the start, from commenters in support of the bizarre actions of Mental Health Mental Retardation-Tarrant County (MHMR-TC), that precipitated the Paradise Center Scandal.

My favorite among this group of comments are those from CatsPaw, aka CowsHoof, explaining to the Anonymous MHMR commenter that his/her comments are identifiable, even though he/she comments Anonymously, due to the Anonymous bad grammar, bad spelling and mean-spirited illogic being identifiers as clear as fingerprints.

Below are the most recent, 30, give or take one or two, blog post comments, starting with the most recent...
Wow, the MHMR attack dogs sure are off their leashes and urged to "sic" Teresa's family, the consumer-run nonprofit, commenters who show intelligence and intellectual honesty, and even people suffering from severe and persistent mental illness --lashing out at those from Pathways Housing because they pointed out misrepresentations and threatening those who supported their organization with the government (SSI). Are we living in a Nazi ruled community? ?
By clinic eyes on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... at 7:41 AM
It just finally clicked in this old creaky brain: regarding the sudden, shocking, and harsh treatment of major Medicaid Star+ HMO BRAVO Health...the statement explaining the enrollment suspension appears to have a direct connection, if not a causal relationship, between the HMO's costly suspension and the fight for respect and honesty by Paradise Center Inc. and Ms. Davis because I wouldn't be surprised if THE STATE AUTHORITY WAS HEARING ALARMS GOING OFF WHEN THE ENROLLMENT OF MHMR-TC CLIENTS AND REPRESENTATIONS BY MHMR-TC ABOUT THEIR COMPLETE CONTROL OVER "OUR PROGRAM PARADISE CENTER" WERE CONTRADICTED BY THE DIRECTOR AND THE NONPROFIT BEHAVING LIKE WHO THEY REALLY ARE...AN INDEPENDENT AND AUTONOMOUS CHARITY LIVING OUT THEIR MISSION AND FULFILLING THE PART OF THE CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT WITH THEIR PARTNERING ENTITY MHMRTC. In essence, the agency made misleading and false representations to the HMO and the state...unless they could somehow show evidence that they owned and have complete control over their "program and employee". How would they do that? Either get Teresa to go along with the charade as an MHMR program OR just get rid of her...reassured somehow that the part-time employee and mental health consumer assisting Teresa would be able to replace her and to retain and control the consumer group's leaders to operate the community centet and maintain the high attendance/participation in order for their monetizing plan with Bravo to work and bring in the projected profit/revenue. But the McDermott team were too arrogant and careless in their dealings wish the nonprofit, whose humility and carefulness "gave them a leg up on their reckless abusers. MHMR-TC McDermott gang picked in-kind on the wrong people.
By HMO girl on The Most Recent 25 Paradise Center Scandal Comment... on 6/5/11
What the heck is "Teresa is finally on her own" supposed to mean? It's a good thing to be in for her if it means she's gotten away from the incompetence and abuse/exploitation at the hands of the bullycrats. What does it say for people who seem to relish being "under MHMRTC"?? I, for one, will choose freedom and dignity over being "under" anybody or anything EVERY TIME. Obviously, I am not now nor will I soon be affiliated with Jim McDermott, his so called gals, NAMI-TC, MHA, or any of the so called Christian people who acted no differently from amoral and immoral people involved in this ungodly scandal. Know what I mean, Broadway Baptist Church leaders?? and those who claim to carry on the work of MLK?? Rotten "fruits" you've produced my "brothers".
By Skeptic on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/5/11
Obviously literacy skills, high moral standards, and professional competence are not obstacles to employment and leadership in MHMR of Tarrant County. The evidence is in the craziness and desperation by all levels of the agency WHEN SOMEONE STANDS THEIR GROUND, FIRMLY ON HIGH MORAL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS. It appears that such qualities are foreign to the leadership of the second largest MHMR "center" or authority in Texas. I'd try to improve the agency's standards, starting from the top downward.
By Tom E. on The Most Recent 25 Paradise Center Scandal Comment... on 6/5/11

Correction: the first commenter was Mary and not Suzette. This is so fascinating, watching how twisted thought process and moral values affect people's behavior. I'd love to give these MHMRTC "professionals" a few neuropsych tests for free, just to see how the scores compare to their behavior. "The TRUTH WON OUT" --huh? How? "Teresa Davis made the BIG Mistake"--huh? How's that? I could go on but most people can already see the obvious mental and factual flaws. Surely MHMRTC can afford to hire better people to do their PR work, especially an important one like this scandal. BTW, no one has said your threat was "on CPS". It was made to or "on" those parents of the little child. And I'll bet you almost anything that those people have done whatever they needed for their only child (?), if not even more-- like seeking additional opinions and options. These are obviously well educated and prudent people, with Teresa being a professional who knows how to navigate the medical system (as seen in report about her helping a client recently). Oh yes, maybe what the shill is saying is that "Sue" is the person giving the nonprofit a "grant"..or they hope she does so the group won't sue the hell out of MHMRTC? When do you want to take the tests? Just takes around 45 minutes...if you can read at a sixth grade level.
By Psych prof on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/5/11
Hey bloggerman, is the second comment on this posting by the obvious MHMR shill (June 01) addressed to "YOU"? Because from normal literacy practices, the second person pronoun without any reference to someone else is taken as directed at the writer, which in this case is you the blogger...or the first commenter Suzette, but it wouldn't make sense to conclude that. If these MHMRTC shills are indeed directing that comment at you, congratulations because you have "followers", Durango. Pretty soon you'll be like Jimbo McD. who has supplicants and subservient employees and an other pillars of the community in his pocket. Seriously, this "new" (but not really) attack angle of "Teresa Davis has brought this on herself" and having "only herself to blame", yada-yada, makes no sense at all because she is not in any kind of legal, professional, political, or financial hotwater as far as the facts bear out. To the contrary, it is a fact that Jimbo and his gang "had brought this on himself/themselves," because they are in some serious trouble: legally, professionally, politically, etc. The sociopathic trait of blaming the victime for the "crime" (criminal or civil) is apparently on full display here. You know, like a perp claiming "that old lady asked for it because she had a lot of money and was weak and vulnerable" or the school bully saying "the kid asked for it because he's scrawny and doesn't have many friends to help him." Or the classics: the property owner brought it on themselves for displaying their possessions AND the woman asked for it by the way she dresses. That criminal mindset would only be normal and somewhat acceptible within criminal gangs, the mafia, or the hardcore prisons. NOT in regulary American society, MHMRTC.
By Psych Prof on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/5/11
Norma can be a crusty old woman sometimes but shes a big part of our second family in paradise. she's kinda like the big sister or auntie to many of us. the thing about mental illness people don't understand is that most of us have been cut off from our original families mostly due to the problems our illness caused them or their shame for how we are. so were lucky to have a second but very real family who accept us and help us in our life journey. Norma, Don, teresa, and other paradise leaders are just like our family because they listen to our problems, help us, and give good advice and be good role models.
By young paradise guy on A Paradise Center Message From Norma On Facebook on 6/5/11
The May 27 comment appears to indicate that MHMRTC's CEO reads this blog because his homies are using this site as like their Facebook to post shout outs to their top G, thanking him for hustling the corners of the county to raise money for MHMR. What ever happened to the $100 million received by the agency from taxing entities annully?? Strange that the CEO spends time raising a few thousand dollars from his political contacts. Hire a development specialist or let someone more able and willing to assume the important role of CEO. Oh yea, why is a CEO of a 1400 strong agency focusing his time and energy on a director/manager level employee like Ms. Davis?
By Anna on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/4/11

"Lawrence is the most loyal client..."--that is so condescending and reflects the attitude of seeing these disabled people as pawns for the incompetent and possibly exploitive agency leadership. Lawrence is African-American, and as a "brother" I take extreme offense at how he's referred to ("loyal" like my best dog in the yard) and what he's "volunteered" to do. I also know that the other peer leaders like Big Tony, Loopy Lynn, and the new hires after Old Hand Sandra finally grad-you-ated DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT OR THE DIRTY WORK. Regarding the pathway housing people, why are you pressuring them to "step up and volunteer" when there are 4-6 of you low level techs getting paid to do the work? You get salaries to buy new cars and such, but do they get for doing what you yourselves are PAID TO DO? Piece of advice, you'll go nuts by continuing to compare yourselves and your agency "program", actually a sub-program of that overcrowded and understaffed clinic, with THE INDEPENDENT NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION that you envy/admire and loathe so much at the same time.It's kind of like you're working at a fastfood franchise and they are owners of their original restaurant with the freedom to change and adapt to meet their objectives, instead of taking orders from headquarters to do the same basic thing over and over without any sense of ownership or ability to have input. Capech, Anthony the silenced "manager"--how come, too busy consoling and holding the shaky body of the shaken Boss Hawg of MHMR and Tarrant County??
By Rainbow child on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/4/11
Hey Dan the Dad, while it's true that the Texas Tort Reform Act of 1982 limits the financial liability for a governmental unit, I believe that some good litigators can find other ways to bring justice to people whose actions went beyond their customary role as an employee of said entity. Based on what has been said---and NOT denied!!-- I imagine that there are some very nervous people because what they did to the director, and even the MH consumers, were very personal and vindictive...far beyond what's called for in the duties of their jobs.
By O. on A Friend Of MHMRTC Pros Comments About This Whole ... on 6/4/11
Norma, thank you for sharing your feelings and for sharing your God-given gifts to help other of God's children. Keep the FAITH. Have HOPE. And LOVE all people, even those who are hateful. God bless you and Paradise Center Inc.
By Michael on A Paradise Center Message From Norma On Facebook on 6/4/11
These MHMRTC folks seem awefully INTERESTED in everything about the little nonprofit group, even scrutinizing their typical needs list and donors who most likely gave their permission to have their support noted on the website. What became of your boastings about how great and perfect things are for you under the mighty bullycrats? BTW, why don't you add my name to the list of your "donors" since my hard earned tax dollars are used to pay for all the things you gloated about and, lord help us, PAY YOUR DANG do good, not this idiotic b.s.
By Bob Smith on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/4/11
Oh, Anonymous ... you inspire me. Perhaps we've gotten this all wrong. Your repeated concern for an unfortunate [well-loved and socialized] little girl, your insomniac worry that her [not oblivious] parents haven't noticed that her welfare is at stake, your [un]healthy contempt for not only her parents but so many of the mental health consumers who have remained loyal to Ms Davis and Paradise Center, your [a**kissing] praise for Jim & Co. ... well, you've sold me! It's all such a load. So, I promise to deliver in your honor some of that much-mentioned toilet paper to the new Paradise Center. It is my greatest hope that you, Anonymous, will be remembered fondly and thanked repeatedly as it is enjoyed by consumers. Keep up the good work!
By CowHoof on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/4/11
"One reason is to bring it to the parents attention "---do you honestly think that the child's parents aren't aware of this fact?? SO, NOW THAT WE'VE GOTTEN YOUR WEENY EXCUSE OUT OF THE WAY: what exactly is your real reason/s for making this threat?? Because it's crystal clear to any person with an average IQ and middle school literacy skills that you neither care one iota about that innocent child nor do you have anything but malice toward her parents...just plain old malicious intentions. Consider this a practice run before you were to get asked similar questions by not so nice attorneys under not so casual circumstances. Is this the way MHMR under Jim McDermott operates, using vicious personal attacks through slanderous or libelous statements ?? Is this the explanation for the sense of fear of retaliation that have been expressed by MHMR employees and even members of NAMI? ? Something is very SERIOUSLY WRONG with this taxpayer funded agency if this kind of un-American behavior is accepted as standard practice.
By J.D. on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/4/11
"Enjoy your freedom WHILE WE ENJOY OURD UNDER MHMRTC"....ever heard of concepts called irony and oxymoron, MHMR MORONS?? Is the name of the victims' lawyer "Sue"?? We're new to this site so help us out. Is "Sue" one of the attorneys filing the lawsuits against you wrongdoers?? Thanks for letting the public know about what the Paradise Center organization need to help it do its good work. ---I.R.O.N.Y. again. We know families who have kids with the heart issue, and your dumb slanderous attack against that family is nowhere close to how parents and their physicians PLAN AHEAD to take care of such an issue. Keep on slandering and threatening this family and your dumb a**** will help pay for the fairly expensive but safe surgical procedure. Remember the old saying about not "writing a check" that your a*** can't "cash" ??
By Red Rebels on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11
So this is where the famous band parent nutcases has landed?? And the boasting about having been a successful executive and major fundraiser, to boot. We hope this agency gives her much needed psychiatric treatment along with the salary her tightwad hubby crave so much. Thanks to MHMR and its competence+judgment challenged leadership for keeping her away from our kids and their successful band and its booster organization. Out regrets and prayers for that little girl and her family. And the many vulnerable people with mental illness who are forced to rely on MHMR and this mean female canine.
By Red Rebels on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11
Well, this is not a threat on CPS. One reason is to bring it to the parents attention since Elizabeth blogged on it herself. She said one of the guys were playing lottery hoping to win to pay for surgery. She said her dad was crying as she wrote. Some should of handed Steve a hanky and let him know its gonna take some work on the parents part to get her surgery.
By Anonymous on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11

I sure hope the parents of that child reads this DIRECT THREAT by the MHMR-TC Lowlife thugs. If that was my child and family I would make these a-holes ripping them new ones and ripping into whatever asset they possess, just for the principle of it. You don't threaten my child and family and expect me to take it lying down....CPS is equivalent to the IRS in terms of the terroristic-threat spirit of the law. These incompetent bullycrats just keep digging a deeper hole for themselves by willfully engaging in such classless and crappy behavior. If you read this Teresa and Steve, these MHMR-TC lowlifes JUST THREATENED TO GET THE STATE TO TEAR YOUR FAMILY APART. Kick their scummy asses and teach them a lesson they won't ever forget.
By MHMRTC Sucks on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11
Say lame duck MHMR executives & lame brain "peer leaders" saying stupid and false stuff. We maintenance people are getting so tired of yo desparat & waistfull ways. That old raggedy building on Jennings should be used for storage or torn down but not for people, even if they are so sick they're the wiser and know about how you stole their Tarrant county residents bond-funded community center at 300 Pennsylvania Ave. We sure hope you ain't talking about the commercial grade kitchen, a dang full sized one with almost $100k worth of equipments, that was stripped out last summer to make offices for Bravo. That building is designed as a multi-use "community center" for the clients. It was so nice that those clients voted to call it Paradise Center because compared to the crappy facilities MHMR had stuck them in, it was truly like being in Paradise for those poor people. But Jimmy boy had to steal it from them. We wish a real journalist would investigate and write about this dirty deed that is starting to making them arrogant Jack asses real nervous right about now. These MHMR execs have wasted so much money also on fixing up broken down quadplex called Jennings Place and on environmentlpally contaminated 507 S. Jennings for fake reasons. The 4-5 dummies getting paid to just keep 505 S. Jennings doors open weekdays are really hard to be around. And the two new vans have not moved since the Paradise and Miss Theresa moved away. Just wasting good tax money by dummies who can't even drive a little 8 passenger van to help clients get out into community like Miss Theresa did, like grocery shopping and regular outings. So much tax money but doing so little good for the disabled clients and the community they belong to. The Paradise group do A LOT OF GOOD with so little money and equipment. We talked to a couple clients this week who were so thankful that their organization and friends were helping them move to better living place. One was gonna everything if the Paradise people didn't help them move by the 1st of the month. That's probably why Paradise don't have much time or energy to waste like these puppets and there masters, wasting our tax money on stupid stuff to make them look good & be comtable BUT SCREW THE PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH BASIC BUT IMPORTANT LIFE &DEATH THINGS. We sick of these lazy thieves and there lies, from the gay bar district to the upscale Hulen Tower where they all look down on people and waste tax money.
By Fed up maintenance dudes on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11

Right before our eyes are evidence of the lying, manipulating, abusing, and changing emotions of the so called peer leaders MHMR is paying salaries to front their consumer-run whatever the hell they call it program. Lying about the number of clients who got food at their "Memorial BBQ", then manipulating the Pathway folks to come make it seem more than 40 people actually attended, bumbling around about which mentally ill "peer leader" was in charge, then turning nasty on the Pathway folks because they spoke the truth. Then abusing the more disabled clients by sending them to spy and taking whatever hint of negativity about the consumer-run nonprofit to gloat and bash the all volunteer Organization. Desperate enough to take what was reported by client well-known for wild delusional ideations, such as being a member of the British Royal family and powerful psychic. Many of us working for MHMR are so frustrated with all this abusive behavior approved by the bigwigs, but we dare not say anything to anyone in authority, including the untrusty Board of Trustees, for fear of certain and destructive retaliation. BTW, lame-brained MHMR anonymous commenter, the Paradise group is doing what they as an independent organization want and when they want, not like your leashed up selves doing essentially menial labor to keep an extra clinic waiting room open and clean. You can't do what the Paradise pros were contracted to provide for MHMR. Before showing more of your ignorance, I know what I'm talking about because I was involved in those contracts and memorandi of understanding between the two organizations. The Paradise group was only being nice to not object to the Mcdermott bunch's deceptive use of the term "foundation grant" and the money used to fund the contract/"grant", especially the refinanced bond program that built the community center for clients use that's been stolen from them so that McDermott and his gals could afford their fancy multi-million dollar office tower. THAT'S WHY THEY'RE NOW CALLING THE DINKY OLD BUILDING NEXT DOOR "COMMUNITY CENTER", PUTTING ALL UTILITIES ON THE REAL COMMUNITY CENTER'S ACCOUNT (300 PENNSYLVANIA) , AND DIRECTING ALL MAIL TO THE STOLEN FACILITY ...TO MAKE IT APPEAR THAT WHAT THE VOTERS APPROVED IS BEING USED AS INTENDED. But feel free to entertain everyone with your ignorance and brazen display of incompetence and dishonesty.
By MHMR staff on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/3/11
So sad to see such desperation and mental instability--repeatedly, within a 24-hour period, parroting the same lines given by the sissy and his gals in Hulen Tower to cover their scared a***. We doubt it's a conscience at work here--they don't have one it seems. We think its basic human reactions when perps are caught, cornered, and about to be captured and face justice. Such incompetence is amusing, but mostly S-A-D.
By Suzette on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11
Hey Incompetence Inc., people like my nephew would not have to be around your nasty attitude and manipulative ways IF MHMRTC DOES NOT REQUIRE THEM TO COME TO WEEKLY APPOINTMENTS with case managers just to get their weekly allowance. They have long waits and aren't allowed to stay in the cramped clinic waiting area so they're forced to go wait in your drop-out place. It's part of crooked ceo's scheme to make money off them: (a) bill the state for a 15-30 block of service even if getting their weekly check takes only a 5-minute "interface"; then (b) mhmrtc-bravo can count them ("capitation" is the fancy insurance term for counting heads) for billing purposes while they wait 1-2 hours at your drop-out place --most not knowing that you all simply see them as money-makers. Based on the facts, your "loyal" boy was not any member of the Paradise leadership. He hung around them because those people helped him get treatment for his medical problems and even helped feed him when he ran out of money. Just like they did with that erratic Lynne. It's appropriate that this upstanding "character" is co-Peer Leaders with Tony and Lynne, adding a new twist to the name "MHMR Cons".
By Bob B. on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/3/11
You "scrolled over me." Wah. I use the same name - an identifiable pseudonym - every time so people know I claim what I write. You, being one of many Anonymouses ... well, you still leave a "footprint" with your odd punctuation, repetitive phrases, mean spirit and addlepatedness. You're sounding more and more addled, agitated and desperate, poor ol' Anonymous. I'm concerned. Couldn't sleep last night? What's the matter? Conscience tickling you just a bit?
By CowHoof on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11

Use of Anonymous....... I find this amusing and even funny....... Its ok to use the name CatsPaw.....Well Lets see the name Dog Woof or Cow Hoof would be similar right? What about the person who used the name Pretty in Pink? Shall someone use the name Awesome in Blue or SunshineYellow? I prefer Anonymous ! It may sound unknown but so is CatsPaw........etc......
By Anonymous on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/3/11

These mhmr cons and their cya comments don't make much sense. The only sensible thing is that they're bumbling around after getting caught in some lies about details of their "Memorial BBQ". Don't you even know what Memorial DAY is and about, other than an opportunity for you to remind God and all creation how deeply dishonest you and your McDermott bullycrat gang is?? And our hard earned tax dollars are placed in these people's hands?? Forget about getting your facts straight, just get your made up story halfway straight, and coherent if it's not too much of a stretch. Pathetic.
By joe l. on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/2/11
Low-life MHMR thugs just somehow has a need to let the world know how dark-hearted they really are. I agree that all these despicable comments either come from the higher ups in the agency or are approved heartily by these gutless bullycrats. The nasty personal attacks on that little family is just confirmation to me that MHMR did in fact lose a legal battle recently and are now scampering around in panick mode, expecting the truth and some overdue justice soon. That CPS comment is beneath contempt and could be pretty costly for the threat maker and the agency that is behind this defamatory campaign. These idiots are too dumb or just too lazy to even come up with a commenter name. Try "dumb a**"...or CatsPaw's label for you. Smell.
By Guelma on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/2/11
Sorry cats paws.....I just scrolled over yours..... I don't need to read what you wrote. What's important is I continue to make the comments that Teresa Davis made a Big Mistake ! Now she is truly on her own and she now finds herself without a commercial Kitchen, two vans, awning, picnic tables, basket hoop, and toilet paper and the list goes on? Who's fault is this.......Teresa Davis and Linda Grooms. And now the only way they can get money is Sue ! Not grants...that would be too hard..... just have an attorney sue ! At least it is nice, cool, and calm at the Community center. They even put in a double wide commercial refrigerator! Paradise Center are losers !!!!
By Anonymous on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/2/11
Low-life MHMR thugs just somehow has a need to let the world know how dark-hearted they really are. I agree that all these despicable comments either come from the higher ups in the agency or are approved heartily by these gutless bullycrats. The nasty personal attacks on that little family is just confirmation to me that MHMR did in fact lose a legal battle recently and are now scampering around in panick mode, expecting the truth and some overdue justice soon. That CPS comment is beneath contempt and could be pretty costly for the threat maker and the agency that is behind this defamatory campaign. These idiots are too dumb or just too lazy to even come up with a commenter name. Try "dumb a**"...or CatsPaw's label for you. Smell.
By Guelma on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/2/11
Lisa told me that she went to the new Paradise Center and it's not very nice inside. Only the old tv and old pool table and not much else to do but just sit around doing nothing. Since they no longer have a commercial kitchen there is no snack bar. No awning outside for smokers etc. I noticed alot of the so called donors were clients. Social Security probably would have a fit at whar clients are doing! Teresa Davis is now really on her own. Now without a van either. Now Tony and Lynn get the building, two vans. Commercial kitchen ! Life is sweet at Community Center!
By Anonymous on Paradise Center Press Release for Immediate Distri... on 6/2/11

"Anonymous" said: " ... What's important is the blogging not the name." Your "blogging" is only important insofar as to continue showing what a creepy, petty, mean little s**t-stirrer you are. However, I must compliment you - you have done a superb job of exposing some of dark underbelly of MHMRTC's leadership in your comments. The fact that McDermott & Co. have not shut you up is extremely instructive. I can only hope that the Paradise lawyers will agree. That little girl is no business of yours and stop trying to act as if you care about her welfare. You do not. You're only making yourself look worse, if that's possible. See aformentioned "s**t-stirrer."
By CatsPaw on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/2/11
Pathway one is making you come to the Community Center. It's optional and you don't have to volunteer if you don't want too. Other peers will step up if you don't want to do it, so don't feel like it's a burden to do, just come and have fun.
By Anonymous on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/2/11
Regarding "Lawrence doing the cooking" at the Memorial BBQ...... Tony staff was the one who planned early to doing the BBQing but, Lawrence asked to do it. He was also going to a "family" picnic on Saturday and he was going to be the "cook for them". No he didn't spend the whole time "eating", but, kept the grill always full of items to BBQ. You cannot find a better, more loyal client than Lawrence. He was a peer leader at the "old paradise center" so that is why someone is putting hiim down! Regarding the numbers of who showed up......there was 42 people on the list but, Lynn had expected around 75 so she contacted Pathways and they were also having a BBQ to help cook for the extras.
By Anonymous on A Memorial Day Message & Invitation From Teresa Da... on 6/2/11
Let's address the issue of Elizabeth. No comments from her parents and they have not addressed this issue. Looks like they put Paradise Center over their own daughters health. They need to "grow up" and be parents. Since Elizabeth brought this to peoples attention that she has a hole in her heart then something needs to be done about it. Wonder if this is something "Child Protective Services" would want to check out?????
By Anonymous on The Anonymous Explanation of the Paradise Center S... on 6/2/11


nami mommy said...

Like most normal people Elizabeth's parents are apparently too busy taking care of their private family business alongside other issues of interest or importance to them THAN TO TROLL BLOGS and make creepy comments and showing an inordinate amount of interest in their daughter like these MHMR cretins. Maybe various law enforcement entities might have an interest in pursuing these creeps focused so much on a little child. You say CPS. I say FBI. How's that, MHMR creepos?

eyes of clinic said...

The McDonald dudes "peer leaders" are not very stable or smart because they treat people different depending on how they feeling ...nice treatment when they feel decent and treated like dogs when they don't do well. Kinda like kids who grow up with abusive parents or addicted parents. Our peeps prefer Paradise Center or other mandatory "volunteer"gigs to being herded around at the cookoo's nest. They r so desperate they get very unstable people to handle food and money in the expensive snack bat, like the wild haired chick who says she's a psychic and close to the queen of England. Even the borderline MR hustler Robert P. has told them they need to follow the law by getting food handler licenses. Loony Lynne and wide load Tony called the cops on old Ben instead of trying to communicate with him and help him. They don't care about Kevin C. Or SharonS. while they in hospital. But Teresa and Paradise center had visited them, sent get well cards and stay in touch..b/c they don't just want to use people for almost nothing but treat them like ill family members.

I.B.U. said...

Thank you, Mr. Durango for doing the comment compilation. Eventhough it takes a lot of work for you, the exposure of the truth and the thoughtful comments are worth a bunch and are very much appreciated.

Plus, we readers can see the trolling "work" by MHMR reps and the quality of their reps and shills. It is like a game of Whack-a-Mole. Keep doing what they've been doing and we get to whack at these moles again and again.

There are several good questions and issues raised that deserve further discussion and scrutiny.

pathway pals said...

Ummm mhmr creeps, why are you so interested in what the consumer-run nonforprofit organization has in it's place and what goes on there? when you can't even run a government agency or when the fast-food rejects can't even run your drop out place ("Crappy old building" didn't win the contest?) .

Unless your worried about the properties you stole from them sense their lawyers are fixing to make you thugs pay for everything you robbed and used, or got rid off.

You jest pray that Elizabeth's dad don't come after your dumb a*** for lying about his family and threatening them. You misjudge the guy at you're own risk. Maybe you should ask you're scykick madam Lisa first B4 you get slapped down.

One way other, the dummies getting paid for running the mhmr drop out program in the Old Crappy Building or OCB use us young ill people who stay at pathways. Just try to earn your pay or leave with you sissy ceo and his crew. Creeps.

We can use the new stuff or anything else that tax
money paid for. Jim mcd. & Mhmr don't own jack squat, Illiterates. We the people do. And him and ya'll work for us the people, so what how you act, servants of the public.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who know Kevin Cates, please remember him in prayer. He stated this morning that his brain tumors are back and causing him problems. So he is being referred to doctors who specialize in brain tumors. He says he is at peace with the news. Let's hold Kevin and his wife, Nicole up in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Pathway Peeps if it's that bad then go to Paradise Center. There is now two centers available. If you don't feel comfortable at one then go to the other. Just be happy wherever your at. Nothing is harder than going somewhere you don't like. So make the choice that is best for you.

N.A.M.I. dad said...

Oh s****, these mhmr dummycrats might have just opened themselves to more legal and financial problems. The two people they just declared to the world as being mentally ill mhmr clients are real people who have a right to their privacy and confidentiality.

They have just stepped way over the line. Too bad "advocacy" organizations N.A.M.I. and M.H.A. are under Mcdermott's trembling thumbs and therefore will not speak out against this major violation of policies and statutes.

There are NOT "two centers", mhmr bozo-con. There's your drop-out waiting room "community center" and the Consumer-run 501(c)3 non-profit corporation named Paradise Center Incorporated who used to contract with mhmrtc to open up their community center operation to mhmr clients during weekday business hours. BUT that was just one part of their operation, a source of revenue to carry out their ORGANIZATION's other missions.

No one with a functioning brain is buying your spin and manipulation of the facts, poor mhmr cons.

We heard Nicole has family who are in the medical and legal fields, which means they may not be too happy about how you had violated their relatives' rights. Good luck. You'll need tons of it...won't replace brains and common sense, though.

pathway pals said...

What the hell is this "there are now two centers" crap?? Paradise Center inc is a nonforprofit ORGANIZATION of, by, and for mental-health-consumers, h.s. dropout.

See what other people and our pathway peeps have been saying about how these mhmr cons under peer leaders Lynn Lawrence and Tony will use gossip and private information against people?? Be prepared to not tell them everything because they'll use it against you one way or a other, even pretending like they care.

Ms. Teresa and paradise organization have been helping Kevin & his family for weeks...and respecting there privatecy and confidence. These are the big differents between the paradise pros & the mhmr CONS.

Mary M. said...

What in the world is going on with this agency? One that handles over a hundred million tax dollars annually. Why, when, and how did a government agency give properties to individuals "now Lynn and Tony get the vans and the building ". You know such an action violates laws and MHMR-TC's own code of ethics and policies, or don't you??

Furthermore, I don't know who Kevin Cates is but why are you broadcasting his private business? And repeating things that he probably said in private and not intended as blogging material. It is SO so wrong on so many levels.

I.C.U. said...

Jimmy McDermott and his gang seems to consistently break a number of Commandments. However, their biggest mistake was breaking the 11th Commandment: Don't get caught breaking the other Commandments. A friend inside MHMR-TC said they got a first hand confirmation that McDermott and MHMR got slapped down pretty hard by the Texas Workforce Commission for making statements that were not credible in their retaliatory acts against Ms. Davis. Apparently commentors who said that the nasty comments directed at her and the Paradise Center organization knew what they were talking about when they pointed out that MHMR executives were in some way behind the false personal attacks. When you think about it, Anonymous blog comments ain't nothing compared to written statements submitted to a state government authority. Brazenly bad judgment, MHMRTC.

Fat Bastard said...

All the quotation marks used by this wave of creepy MHMR anonymous commenters remind of the Mike Myer movie character "Dr. Evil". Bumbling out-of-touch evil character(s) trying to hurt people but giving us some good laughs along the way.

Maybe the reason for the oddly placed capitalizations is that these mhmr brainiacs type with one pinky finger stuck just inside of one side of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

Norma just a brief note to you. I prefer using "proper English" in my day to day sentence structure and conversational speaking. Yes, Lawrence is loyal to our Community Center and is highly respected by his peers.

eyes of clinic said...

Thanks for making the effort to communicate in a simple and coherent way, Jimmy McD. and Anthony "staff"/"manager"/"peer leader".

You're still lacking in the coherent part, though. What the heck are you trying to say and why?

We have heard that your "boy" Lawrence is the most respected peer leader "working" in the extra waiting room, which isn't saying much really. Not when paid peer leaders Tony and Lynn are butts of jokes and subjects of client's gripes. Some have even reported that Lawrence has been trying to make contact with Paradise folks, especially after his new problem with the police and seeing how people like him are forgotten once they become sick and no longer "useful" to McDermott and his minions.

Whichever minion(s) made the slanderous statements about Teresa and her family, especially saying they are "poor excuses for parents", you are poor excuse(s) for human being(s). Get back in the cages where you belong.

Anonymous said...

I scroll past the comments because of the harshness and people are so negative! Psych Prof.......I didn't read your comments. I covered my views to you in earlier posts and I don't feel the need to repeat my comments. I get my christian counsel thru Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Ministries. I have been a partner with their ministry for years! You are cordially invited to the Southwest Believers Convention @ Fort Worth Convention Center July 4 thru July 9. Gloria Copeland Healing School will be held Saturday, July 9 @ 9 am. She will be praying for the sick and for miracles of all kinds. Hope to see you there!

CatsPaw said...

"... because of the harshness and people are so negative!"

While you're getting some counsel, do ask Gloria about that little verse in Matthew mentioning the log in one's eye, won't you?

Psych Prof said...

Well, forget WWJD. I'm going with WWJMD
..what would Jimmy McDermott do??
With this Epiphany I'm cancelling plans for church this morning and spend my time gleaning the godly words and actions exemplified by McDermott and his minio, er, his disciples.

Please take that Kevin Cates with you so he would get his needed healing. Then take those afflicted with schizophrenia, then bipolar disorder, and so on. MHMR-TC will not need to fight for scarce public funds nor Jimmy McDermott need to solicit private donations to his own nonprofit called Visions. Hallelujah!!!

nami mommy said...

You done "covered my view already". How nice of you...except you couldn't tell the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Come on you can do it. Redirect all that negative energy away from Teresa's family and the nonprofit organization. If reading is a problem for you and your colleague, just ask around the clinic....or go to the 10th floor at JPS for "council".

Bill and Gloria doing okay after recent congressional investigation? Are the high petroleum prices causing any problems with their jetsetting or their own kingdom building? You should be privy to these issues since they and you are "partners".

How many souls have you saved at the waiting area?

brother mark e. mark said...

everybody who commented against the mhmr-mcdermott cons have it all wrong. these are god-fearing christians who tell the truth and serve "the least among you" with all their heart and soul. plus they are very humble because they have not told the public how many people suffering from chronic and severe mental illnesses were healed. it's true---they went and learned how to do it from the christ-like tv evangelists, who live and sacrifice just like jesus. if you don't believe it, just go by their thousand acre property near eagle mountain lake. watch out for security dogs and cameras because they want to pray in peace and quiet inside their multimillion dollar "parsonage" and don't wanna scratch up any of their cars and jets. i don't know bout you, but i'm repenting of my evil ways. will send some money to jim mcdermott so he can help serve (and heal)all those mental health people under his watch and care. bless ya, brother jimmy and fellow servants.

Anonymous said...

Had a good turn out to our Ice Cream Social with over 40 people enjoying free ice cream on a hot summer day. Don C. is back cleaning with other helpers. We appreciate sharing him with Paradise Center. Other clients visit back and forth from Community Center and Paradise Center. We do not care since they now have another place to go and it helps bring sunshine to their lives. Paradise Center thanks for visiting Sharon and Kevin in the hospital. We are a drop in center and we are open 9 to 3 and closed Saturdays, Sundays, ane also holidays. The Community Center seeks quality time with our families also. I personally feel we are allowing oue adult clients to plan some outside activities of their own.

Anonymous said...

I see that the MHMR-TC trolling crew is still lurking around and posting propaganda ....I.e. using some truth in service of a bigger untruth.

I like the spin about "community center wants to spend quality time with our families". I worked for many years as a direct care staff for MHMR-TC, and that's a load of b.s. you're serving up. Just admit it, everyone from the lowly techs to the ceo and his gals are working mostly for the paycheck and have little to no concern about the clients/consumers beyond when they're on the clock.

BTW, is Don C. one of the many clients that some have reported were intimidated or manipulated into staying away from their nonprofit organization shortly after their organization advocated for that poor couple mistreated by the Penn Square clinic personnel, BRAVO health, and pretty much the whole agency from Client/Rights/Paul Duncan to the lameduck ceo himself? That couple's issue may not be over for MHMR-TC. There could be a whole load of trouble to come for MHMR-TC if the reports of neglect and abuse are in fact true? It could get much "hotter", so enjoy your ice cream and new TV and pool table while you can. That includes the poshes multi-million dollar Hulen Tower that many have raised questions about!!

Anonymous said...

why is the creepy mhmr con commenter writing about individual clients and their healthcare issues? paradise center does what a non profit does, for its members and at whatever time the organization decides, including visiting and helping its members. but paradise doesn't use or abuse the people, like the way mhmr is doing with many clients like don who cannot read and were scared by mhmr for choosing to be an active member of his organization. now he's back behind the iron fences in the mhmr bravo pound instead of being a free man, a black one for sure, like he was in the past few months. I know don for a long time and sad to see him locked up again by mhmr who uses money and threats to control people. that just aint right. may god have mercy on the mhmr bullies who mistreat my friends and adopted family members. man's law may not serve you justice but god will somehow.

Anonymous said...

What's the real story about that bond-funded community center that was allegedly robbed from to mental health consumers in order, supposedly, to pay for the fancy Hulen Tower for the CEO and his buddies??? That's seems like a very plausible issue that need more scrutiny. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

Suzette said...

Interesting that the mhmr cons have avoided thescandal reated to how they mistreated Bobby ad Marie. A mainstream media-worthy story in itself. Instead bragging about a ice cream hand out, using tax dollars..with some help from NAMI tarrant county working on the "down low", so they can say they helped mental health consumers. All that ice cream hand out work kept them too occupied to notice or care, much less to ADVOCATE for that couple like Paradise Center Inc., the consumer-run nonprofit ORGANIZATION..NOT a drop-in CENTER like the one MHMR has been throwing tens of thousands of tax dollars in recent months to try to copy what Paradise did so well for so long and for so little cost to taxpayers.