Friday, May 20, 2011

A Friend Of MHMRTC Pros Comments About This Whole Painful Saga

Today the Paradise Center Scandal blog got a comment to a May 12 blogging titled "A Message from Paradise Center's Teresa Davis" from a commenter calling him or herself "Friend of MHMRTC Pros," which seemed as if the comment was worthy of turning into its own blog post.

Below is that comment........

Friend of MHMRTC pros has left a new comment on your post "A Message from Paradise Center's Teresa Davis":

Just got confirmation from an mhmrtc source that (1) the anonymous commenter is in fact "an operator for Jim McDermott" during this whole painful saga; (2) this person has served McDermott by continuing to communicate with the Paradise group as a supporter of the group but without disclosing that their true loyalty is to McDermott; (3) that this anonymous post addressing Teresa directly was spurred by two major developments: a major setback for mhmrtc in an official proceeding, which could get many more people into real hot water for carrying out different parts of the CEO's scheme; AND that the expected official appearance of legal counsel finally materialized--this way McDermott's and/or mhmrtc's lawyer could communicated lawyer-to-lawyer regarding how best to repair the damages done to Teresa and the Paradise group---and ASAP, before more disclosures and questions about things like what was going on with BRAVO and NAMI-TC, the appropriation of the bond-funded community center facility at 300 Pennsylvania Ave from the mental health consumer group, the funding source and method used to acquire the extravagant Hulen Tower, etc.

The CEO wants to ride off into the sunset without everyone thinking that this scandal and blog site--and that spunky woman and a group of severely ill people--working in synergy WAS THE reason for his untimely and disgraceful departure.

So for him and those who backed him and his decisions, paying lawyers and whatever sum of settlement/s money to "end" this ongoing scrutiny is well worth the face-saving result that they expect from going through the legal process (i.e. lawyers from both camps). This way the CEO can continue to avoid dealing directly with the disturbing facts and questions because "the attorney/s are handling this, so I can't discuss it".


HR veteran said...

This scandal has a number of parallels to the Rainbow Lounge one where these evidence of misconduct on the part of public aagencies and their officials that substantial financial payments to the victims was deemed the least costly for the guilty parties ...fiancially, politically, and public relations-wise for the entities and individuals responsible.

Jim McDermott, mhmrtc, the County Commissioners would have some tough and embarassing questions to answer when this matter becomes formal lawsuits.

BTW, I betcha that Ms. Davis appealed her denial of temporary
unemployment and that MHMRTC had lost on the merits in this
administrative hearing before an adjudicator who would put all participants under oath, under threat of the crime of purjery. Or MHMRTC chose not to participate out of concerns for the serious consequences of making inconsistent, misleading, or false statements which Ms. Davis' attorney could use to her advantage, both in this administrative proceeding and in legal proceedings.

Based on what I've read here, it seems to be a fairly simplef matter that involved the harassing and retaliatory action directed at the woman for refusing to join in schemes that she knew was wrong. Getting fired for reportedly missing a meeting sends up many signals that the real reason is something else which is/are improper. Top this off with the stunning report that she had received no supervision or evaluation, which raises all kinds of questions regarding mhmrtc leadership as well as the losses Ms. Davis had suffered professionally (promotions, raises, etc.) and financially.

Some justice is definitely due.

Anonymous said...

HR Veteran makes some good points regarding one of the victims in this shameful scandal. However, let's not forget that the nonprofit organization that was evicted and invaded with cause or notice also have suffered a number of injuries that require some justice. The fact that these people are severely disabled only adds to their case against professionals and organization/s that are supposed to help and protect them instead of abuse and hurt them.

nami mommy said...

Jim McDermott and MHMRTC are really in a bind now. They've been caught red-handed in attempting to coerce Theresa into doing things that they knew to be wrong in various ways, and failing to break her spirit they went and took retaliatory actions against her, including providing misleading information to a state agency simply in an effort to deny the woman temporary unemployment compensation and to buttress their smear campaign in the community that she had committed some kind of unforgivable misconduct requiring immediate termination. Yes, some decent people were forced into participating in their plan to destroy the woman who simply did the right and commendable thing.

Ironically, these so called bullycrats are now stuck with having two new employees who are seriously mentally ill because they were dumb and desperate enough to believe stuff made up by the backstabber and to use the devious ways of the "professor" , both in attempts to "justify" the wrong done to Theresa and to cover up their unjustifiable destruction of a thriving consumer-run nonprofit organization. Their plans against Theresa and Paradise failed and has even backfired because now they're stuck with 2 employees who can rely on their protected status as disabled people with serious mental illness to pretty much keep their jobs with the agency as long as they want and even demand special accommodation for their mental disability, which is quite challenging to do especially when these two are smart enough and conniving enough to use the system to their advantage.

I would not want to be in MHMR's shoes when it comes to dealing with these two particular patients-employees, including having to put out fires that they have and will cause due to their illness and dark tendencies. Wow, what a big time mess the PhD and his brain trust have created for themselves, but ultimately for us taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

The whispers around Hulen Tower is that Teresa Davis had won a major victory last week. The state's Workforce Commission Tribunal did a thorough fact-finding investigation and found that Teresa was terminated improperly and due to no fault of her own and therefore is entitled to temporary unemployment compensation. The Tribunal basically determined that the various statements given to them by MHMRTC representatives were not credible, if not untruthful, and they also did not measure up to the agency's concocted claim of "insubordination" as the basis for their sudden and harsh action.

Dan the dad said...

McDermott and his gang are hiding behind the Texas law that limits legal payment by governmental bodies to $250,000.00 for each instance of wrongdoing perpetrated on an individual. They're hoping that Ms. Davis is the only injured party to bring a legal claim against them. However, based on their clever maneuvers in recent months the nonprofit and its disabled members may just surprise the incompetent agency's leadership again in the court of law...after destroying the bumbling bullycrats in the court of public opinion.

O. said...

Hey Dan the Dad, while it's true that the Texas Tort Reform Act of 1982 limits the financial liability for a governmental unit, I believe that some good litigators can find other ways to bring justice to people whose actions went beyond their customary role as an employee of said entity. Based on what has been said---and NOT denied!!-- I imagine that there are some very nervous people because what they did to the director, and even the MH consumers, were very personal and vindictive...far beyond what's called for in the duties of their jobs.

Maverick said...

The McDermott gang is following this scandal blog, which drives them nuts because it exposes the frustration in the agency's rank and file. Even more it is keeping the spotlight on the gang's incompetence, mean-spiritedness, and various wrongdoings. Keep putting the spotlight on the gang and their conspirators because the heat they're feeling is due to more than the Texas summer.